New Pictures of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure It’s Wet

This is a good start to getting resolution the pictures that is. I feel the hunt is indeed over. The story is not over but the end may be drawing neigh. A book or something ;good for the finder. Hurry I’ll buy one in advance.

While I was looking back in Feb around the nearest creek upstream from Baker’s Hole I saw at the upper end wear the creek stops a berm that had collapsed leaving a broken egg like remaining. It was cold lots of snow and I didn’t have snowshoes so I planned to return to it. That spot or the beaver lodge at the mouth of that creek is where I believe the treasure was found.

If it was found at the end of that first creek no law was broken. Montana law and national forest rules would not be broken. Gallatin National Forest rules state a trove can be taken. Montana law says you can keep anything within the high water line. This spot is muddy in the summer.

The mouth of the creek is a different story as it is inside the park. Now who’s rules win. How about you were fishing with the proper license for the park in Montana.

The solve for me, revolves around the home of Brown being the American Brown Beaver. To ways to get that answer. The book and mountain man wisdom also Osborne Russel’s book of the Trappers. The second way to see it is to mary the poem to a map. Beaver Meadows is the Brown to put below. This leads to if you been wise ( done what a mountain man did to hide from hostels ) you hide it where the sun don’t shine at a high water line in the Beaver lodge entry whole This blaze “the wood” leads to an area about 12″ x 12″. Forrest asked Cynthia if her blaze takes her to a 12″ x 12″ area.

The hunter in me is still hoping I was close. Here’s what the treasure pictures tell me so far. The pine needles are in bundles of two needles, it looks like the Lodge Pole pine native to Montana. Lots of those cones over at Baker. The treasure still had water in it. If you look closely you can see water in or over some plastic bags. The chest was muddy. So far the way I see it my solve is still in the money.

Oh, Forrest Fenn said the Chest isn’t underwater. No one can show him saying it is not in water. Its the telephone game and this is what Forrest said ” it not underwater”

Congrats to the finder. To go where I was intending is not for the meek.

In my imagination a pilot from Florida flies into West Yellowstone Airport. He, a 71 year old man rents a car and drives the mile to Baker’s Hole. Here he changes clothes and heads for the Madison River. After walking less than a i/4 of a mile he gets in the water and recovers the chest. He returns to the car and perhaps campsite he got for $10 and after changing wet muddy clothes he relaxes cleans the box somewhat and takes the first picture. He sends this to picture to Forrest and heads back to the airport. Next stop Santa Fe and a bank suggested by Forrest.

OK that was fun. Soon I hope we will hear the rest. Thirty days from the 5th of June is July 6th. Then the tittle will be due.

Author: captpappy

Teacher, counselor, therapist, coach and a treasure hunter with 40 years of teaching and coaching people from kindergarten to sports professionals. Helping people achieve their goals is what I do. I taught K-12 and university level in Physical Education, Biology, life skills, and transitions. I have a Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration and worked with families, adolescents, and chemically dependent groups. Treasure hunting is my new passion for the last eight years.

4 thoughts on “New Pictures of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure It’s Wet”

  1. That was a heck of a ride, Captain!

    Thanks for your blogs and stories along the way. I will never forget, and never stop loving, the Lamar Valley.


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