Almost Two Decades of Pure Joy

Freinds and Dogs of the Chase, I am mourning the death of my beloved poodle . He has fought cancer and won but now age has taken him at eighteen plus years old. Billy was 108 human years old, according to the AKC. I hoped he could pass while napping, but loyatly kept Bill hanging on for me. Bobby went through what we all may face, old age stole his legs, sight, and hearing . When he quit smiling I knew it was time. I fed him his favorite food , hotdogs, for his last dinner. He hadn’t eaten much for many days and he was wasting but somehow he knew it was his last as he finished two hotdogs. I sedated him as he was starting to grown and to my great dismay I had the Vet end his life. I hope he knew how hard that was and that it was done out of love, may God strike me down if he lost even a minute of time he could have enjoyed. He was never too heavy, never too needy, but it was cruel to ask him to continue to suffer.

Bill was born in Oregan. He came to me the minute I walked in to see the puppies. It was love at first sight. I brought him to Boise and we sailed, hiked swam, fished, pan gold, and looked for Forrest ‘s treasure. Billy Bobs spent half his life running around the Yellowstone area boating on Hebgan Lake and forging the Yellowstone and the Madison rivers.

He was an outstanding athlete and was a good hunter. He sported many hair styles, and whore sunglasses when we went for bike rides. He was welcomed by everyone that met him , he was so well behaved and loving. Billy served as an aide to me while working with Special students some of which would not had attended school if not for him. He was voted the mascot of my fishing group and many held him on their laps petting him as they relaxed.

On August 17 2022 at 5:00 pm Billybobs was sent home, may God take him, for his joy, as Bill gave joy so many.

Some believe our pets watch over us, maybe so , and if they do let me share a possible example. After Bill was gone I thought I would bury him behind the farm house where I now live in Klickitat. When I returned home with Bill’s remains I just didn’t feel right but I got a shovel and started walking up the mountain side to look for a spot. Just then my goodfriend Kendrick ( Fellow treasure hunter) stopped by to offer a Friends creamation fasillities service. This was free of charge and even though free was not a reason I gladly accepted. This way Bill’s ashes can be spread in a beautiful spot in the Yellowstone area. Upon arrival I was treated to absolute kindness. I am so indedted , as they gave me such relief. After some time passed the mother to the friend, who took Bill’s remains and assured me I would receive Billybobs ashes, said she had something for me. She left and returned shortly with a book. The tittle, lOST MINES AND TREASURES of the Pacific Northwest. Seems Billy is letting me know the Adventure goes on. Maybe in spirit Billybobs and I will find a treasure after all.

Now where I live a dog is not welcome. I hope to change that in a few months. Here in Washington a lady in the area trains truffle dogs. She resques dogs for this purpose and sells them to good owners. I’d like to get a full size poodle. I would find a Godfather for the poodle to live with when I pass as I don’t plan to ever go through this upset again, but for the time I have left Billybobs senior would continue the Chase . That’s correct senior as the Standard is much larger and my followers will be in on the joke.

I have a request of anyone following or visiting this website, say a prayer for Bill, ask that Billy be brought home and one day we and our pets can once again frolic together.

Stay tuned as Billy and I (in spirit) hunt the Northwest for a treasure in a book Billy may have given me to keep the Dogs happy. Thanks everyone .

The Forrest Fenn Clues form TTOTC and Pictures of My Chase

Billybobs is 75 dog years old . He is my best friend. He has been taking the end of the chase well and he has no bone to chew.

Page 59 in TTOTC “I read the book titled Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russel who traveled along the Madison River in 1835 outside of West Yellowstone where Hebgen Lake is now. Forrest Said he was born a hundred years too late. He was borne in 1930.

Page 59 in TTOTC Forrest says Jim Bridger’s trappers were attacked by eighty Blackfeet Indians.

Page 60 TTOTC Osborne Russel had been in those mountains for nine years and suddenly we felt we were there with him.

Hebgen Lake from Horse Butte
Is this where John Coulter hid from the Blackfeet Indians?

This is not the one but it is one of the ones of interest for my solve.

BillyBobs finds an elevation marker in the early days in Gardiner Mt.

Page 122-123 Some where is his secret spot between Watkins and nine mile hole. ” I always thought that that space was mine alone”…

Blow up picture and you can see were the Madison River comes through the caldera near the WWWH.

Page 133 The story of Gardiner’s Island following the treasure poem. Gardiner down to Yankee Jim canyon has all the types of of clues but it may be an example of the same kind of thing that happens at the Firehole.

Page 20 Were the old biddies the ones tell searcher not to go into Yellowstone Park. Not for the meek may refer to not braking laws or Meek the trapper not wanting to return after his own encounter with the Blackfeet.

Page 34 TTOTC Hebgen Lake and my friend’s dock.

Page 50 in TTOTC In Love With Yellowstone.

For the people by the peolpe of the people. You have a republic ….if you can keep it?

Page 48 The story about washing dishes and the brown gravy. Hot water to large pots (Cauldrons) to canyon in his hands.

Page 125 Flywater “many others who have love those waters before and after me understand that catching fish is not what its about.”

Wow really ????

More to come and a comment on River bathing is best where Forrest gives us what he means by WWWH. There are many places like that in the Rocky Mountains but most line up behind Madison Junction on the Gibbons and the Firehole rivers and once there at the beginning of the Madison there are no more.

New Pictures of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure It’s Wet

This is a good start to getting resolution the pictures that is. I feel the hunt is indeed over. The story is not over but the end may be drawing neigh. A book or something ;good for the finder. Hurry I’ll buy one in advance.

While I was looking back in Feb around the nearest creek upstream from Baker’s Hole I saw at the upper end wear the creek stops a berm that had collapsed leaving a broken egg like remaining. It was cold lots of snow and I didn’t have snowshoes so I planned to return to it. That spot or the beaver lodge at the mouth of that creek is where I believe the treasure was found.

If it was found at the end of that first creek no law was broken. Montana law and national forest rules would not be broken. Gallatin National Forest rules state a trove can be taken. Montana law says you can keep anything within the high water line. This spot is muddy in the summer.

The mouth of the creek is a different story as it is inside the park. Now who’s rules win. How about you were fishing with the proper license for the park in Montana.

The solve for me, revolves around the home of Brown being the American Brown Beaver. To ways to get that answer. The book and mountain man wisdom also Osborne Russel’s book of the Trappers. The second way to see it is to mary the poem to a map. Beaver Meadows is the Brown to put below. This leads to if you been wise ( done what a mountain man did to hide from hostels ) you hide it where the sun don’t shine at a high water line in the Beaver lodge entry whole This blaze “the wood” leads to an area about 12″ x 12″. Forrest asked Cynthia if her blaze takes her to a 12″ x 12″ area.

The hunter in me is still hoping I was close. Here’s what the treasure pictures tell me so far. The pine needles are in bundles of two needles, it looks like the Lodge Pole pine native to Montana. Lots of those cones over at Baker. The treasure still had water in it. If you look closely you can see water in or over some plastic bags. The chest was muddy. So far the way I see it my solve is still in the money.

Oh, Forrest Fenn said the Chest isn’t underwater. No one can show him saying it is not in water. Its the telephone game and this is what Forrest said ” it not underwater”

Congrats to the finder. To go where I was intending is not for the meek.

In my imagination a pilot from Florida flies into West Yellowstone Airport. He, a 71 year old man rents a car and drives the mile to Baker’s Hole. Here he changes clothes and heads for the Madison River. After walking less than a i/4 of a mile he gets in the water and recovers the chest. He returns to the car and perhaps campsite he got for $10 and after changing wet muddy clothes he relaxes cleans the box somewhat and takes the first picture. He sends this to picture to Forrest and heads back to the airport. Next stop Santa Fe and a bank suggested by Forrest.

OK that was fun. Soon I hope we will hear the rest. Thirty days from the 5th of June is July 6th. Then the tittle will be due.

Kubler-Ross on The Forrest Fenn’s Treasure; It’s Death and Dying

The five steps a terminally ill patient goes through are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These don’t go in order and they can come back at anytime. These feeling will continue until acceptance wins out and time helps to move on.

I have been experiencing this phenomenon everyday since the death of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure. I try not to comment on these feelings but I do make plenty of comments under my breathe. I have to check myself and look deep into my shadow side where many a demon lives. Jung would remind us that we are more a like than different and we all have are shadows. It is not for me to clean the speck in my brothers eye while there is a log in my own. So lets look at these parts of moving on and see where we could get not get the full experience of our actions.

The best way to measure my statements will be through your own experiences. The hardest thing anyone will do is see themselves, shadow and all. As you read you will feel your shadow and it will come out, likely in one of the states mentioned earlier.

First hard issue is that of addiction and the way it works. Dopamine and other neuro-chemical rewards are created with the intention of creating behavior to receive more of the same. Pavlov’s dog experiment will do well as an example. Here a bell was rung every time a dog was fed. Soon the dog would salivacate to just the bell sounding. Most of us see dog trainers feed a treat to dogs after they perform a trick using this same reward type system. Our social internet system is set up the same way. Do you have notices sounding off on your phone? Can you ignore those the bells? Every time one of us got verification that any part of our solve could fit the poem we got belled. Every time a search on the web made us think we were closer we got a bit of those wonderful chemicals. I could go on but there are lots of books on this and my intention is not to teach psychology.

Did you know that thinking about a future reward is always better at producing those feel good chemicals than getting the reward? If you ever have had a problem while dieting you will have a way to test this for yourself. Remember that day you cheated the diet and you eat that one thing you were craving. Thinking about that food item actually rewarded you and drove you to cheat but when you ate it, did it really satisfy you. Not me I would have over eaten and only disappointment would follow my indiscretion. Ask a smoker what smoking did for them when they went back to it. Just not the same as no mater how many smokes a person has they aren’t satiated. In days these people can find themselves smoking more than they smoked before they quit. Addiction is very illusive as it can happen in many ways. I treated people with addictions and the things that addict us are endless. Sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating, cutting, working, running, web searching, games and treasure hunting. To deny this is to lack personal insight and comes from a need to feel better than others who have been injured from addiction. The first thing is to understand how you were rewarded in the chase for the Dead Treasure and dying story. To accept the idea of moving on takes a personal effort and introspection. See it in yourself and things will improve ignore it and you will act out your unconsciousness and unexamined feelings.

Denial the first step is not always the first step for everyone. If you don’t look hard you won’t see your own denial, after all, your in denial. Obviously those who say he never hide the chest or that the whole thing is a hoax are in denial as that cannot be proven. Some say they already moved and don’t care about its death or are they in denial? Here is a tough one to see. Remember anger is key to seeing your shadow. There is no reason to get angry about someones opinion it hurts because of your shadow. If you are alright hearing this you probably didn’t get very attached to the chase and you got little reward looking for it or studying about it. On the web we see the obvious denial as people like myself say the Dead Treasure may never of been real. Claims of a hoax and special pets or Forrest sending someone to get the chest are all forms of denial. The hard one to spot ( a good self test) is all the over-joyed you-tubers out there ready to party. Do you see it? Everything is fine . Blind faith truly blind faith no need for closure nothing to see here move alone.

Anger is next on the list and after writing the above I feel angry. Angry because the Treasure is dead but my shadow directs my attention to the lack of integrity demonstrated by this open ended fiasco with no honest way to discover the truth as this dying story loses any validity and looks more like a state fair game with the barker claiming his game can win big. I sure lost my share of money to those carnival carnys. Do you see the denial in what I just wrote? If you did then you have a chance to see your own shadow. The anger has to be directed to the one who is angry. I am the one who choose to believe in the Dead Treasure; Forrest didn’t make me believe. I am the one who committed the time effort and money base on my faith, be it right or wrong. Yes, I am angry. I was angry 9 years ago when Forrest wouldn’t tell me if my spot in a hollow tree was where his Dead Treasure was hid. I was angry any time Forrest’s story didn’t check out or when someone showed pictures they said prove the Dead Treasure had been recovered years ago.

Bargaining is next on the list. I bargain when I show a logical way to give the solve without giving the exact place away. Others do it by starting another treasure hunt. Nothing wrong with starting treasure hunts but never will you start this dead treasure’s heart, this treasure is the Dead Treasure and its story is dying quickly. Start or join any new hunt you would like. This is a good idea for some, just know why you are joining and know the Dead Treasure is dead and the story is dying. Bargaining is going on all over the web. Hide it again, leave a piece for the others to find, give us a party or a place to come and see the Dead Treasure. It seems at this time the treasure is Dead and the story is dying and if you don’t like it tough. And here comes the anger.

Depression is the next thing to jump on board. All of these feeling come with every individual search. It always takes me about a week to get over the failed attempts at finding the treasure. I have always felt I got my moneys worth because of the beautiful places I went. Camping and hiking will always be a privileged for me. Of course it could have been places that interested me rather than where Forrest’s dead story took me but all in all he went into some cool places. Depression comes sometimes because we see things in a way that we cannot get resolve. Sometimes our perceptions are wrong and with help we can change our beliefs and improve our mood. Sometimes things are real and we need to change our situation but either way we must first allow ourselves to be depressed. Seriously if you feel bad for this Dead Treasure finish off this dying story. Cry or have a ritual hurt first and then when you are ready move on it is just a dead carcass here, soon it will be forgotten. For me I am going to my annual fishing expedition where I am going to hide objects from my years of searching. Some arrow heads a Forrest coin silver and numbered, a signed book, and some odds and ends. I will write a poem for them to use in their search and follow the search with a campfire. There in that fire I will ask that my spirit rise out of the ashes and like the Phoenix. There we will drink a toast to adventures and pray we don’t get fooled again.

Finally , Acceptance will come but not as fast as most of us would like. We need to feed our addictions. My addiction wants a healthy dose of adventure with an eye opening story. Soon I hope I will be celebrating the death of an unfaithful partnership from an uncaring promoter and be free yes free again to find that rare place where the game is not fixed. Perhaps I will have grown up enough to stay away from the carnival barker but not jaded enough to avoid the next great adventure. To all the readers thank you. I truly wish you comfort. Let’s get through our denial, get pass our anger, stop making bargains and get into and out of our depression so we can accept the Dead Treasure for what it is ; a dying story of what was possibly a good example of mountain man exaggeration, something for the old western magazine readers to use their imagination as they look for the next adventure.

Maybe we can all meet up at Candy Mountain and sing of tasty treasures.

I will not site my work today I will leave fact checking to the reader. For those who have read my post they know how reliable I try to be. I will not try for political correctness. I think being worried over what you write is a form of controlling speech. I believe in freedom of speech. I taught for so long I come off badly sometimes acting like a know it all. Let me say I have stumbled around for nine years so I know firsts hand what I don’t know. I am not the smartest searcher or the lead searcher leading the flock.

To solve Forrest Fenn’s poem will take some basic rules of logic. An intuitive may beat others to the treasure, and if they do, it will be in a logical place. Forrest said, when it is found, people will say of course it would be there. Unfortunately intuition and logic are polar opposites they can transcend into something greater but for me when these poles stand alone I can get future along with my solves. I remote view and listen to strange explanations about the treasure’s location also, and without bias, but never do I do both at one time. This way I avoid the rabbit holes. Today lets use logic.

The chest is under or in something that the sun doesn’t shine on or in. A box 10″ x 10″ x 5″ is extremely hard to find. The blaze can be seen but people have seen it without knowing it was the blaze in the poem. The treasure is in the mountains where people don’t go but close to a place people do go. The treasure may be wet. It might be against the law to look for the treasure because of where it is hidden. It is not legal to dig in many possible searched sites and Forrest says we don’t need any tools to retrieve his secret. If you have been boots on the ground then you know the box is dam near impossible to find and that’s why Forrest never needed misdirection or trickery. The poem is straight forward and our task is marring the clues to a map. It is that simple. But that isn’t simple, is it? So if Fenn worked so hard on the poem I propose we use the poem and take it at its face value. Here is what I come up with using logic.

The first hint is “hint of riches new and old.” First thing an architect (Forrest says he built the poem like an architect) does is select a site. Treasure State Montana is the site. Every word was workout over 15 years so if it took 15 years to come up with “hint of treasures new and old ” just to tell me treasure is in the treasure chest then it ain’t that great of a poem. The book is very good at telling us what is in the box. First clue “begin it where warm waters halt” is referred to in Fenn’s Fire Hole experience were he gets to a comfortable distance from the hot spring . Too close too hot, too far too cold as warm water halts. Put a toe in to check the temp. Notice in this hint it is warm water halts but in the poem the clue is where warm waters halt. More than one hot spring feeds this place that is too far from those springs to be warm. An example of this idea would be Mammoth Hot Springs in Wyoming where it empties into Boiling River and heads north into Montana and past Gardiner (referred to in the Captain Kidd dream in Fenn’s book) and into Yankee Jim’s canyon. Here the map lines up marring it to the poem.

The second clue is to take it down not too far but too far to walk. Forrest gives the hint in a piece he wrote about going from Barnes hole in Yellowstone Park to Baker hole in Montana. He said it was not far but too far to walk. (This was brought up by a member the the Boise think tank and it should be looked up to validate). Anyway that distance it about 12 miles following the winding river.

“Take it in the canyon down” is the next clue. Take this cooler water into the canyon down. But here is a conflict; how do you take it down. Well don’t walk , it is too far and a boat is not the way Forrest says he went. Forrest says he drove. So witch is it? Did he drive take a boat or walk. All the the above. He takes a boat and walks the first time, drives and walks the second time, and rides a bicycle and walks the last time.

This place he has known he provably fished and boated. He thinks, if I could pick a place to sleep the long sleep it will be here. Then his opportunity comes along and he goes to hide the treasure. Here he rents a car ; he said he worries about rental records so he must have rental records to worry about. He drives to a put in, and walks to the place he was before when he was a teen. The last time has yet to come and may not happen but in this case there will not be a car to find unless you go to Denver where he intends to leave it in the parking lot of the Natural History Museum. At the signing in Santa Fe I was there when a lady asked Forrest if he would take her to the treasure in chest. Forrest answered quickly with wit asking her if she had a plane. Huge slip of the tongue. It is about 90 miles to the Colorado boarder from Santa Fe why would anyone take a plan unless it is near an airport in Northern New Mexico other wise it would be a lot less hassle to drive. So why a bicycle because he hints at throwing a bicycle into water high and it not hurting anyone if he did. This is how he transports to his special place without leaving evidence of where he went. In the book he is transporting his coach who is too ill to walk. Water high is a fishing term it refers to water high up on your waders. It is dangerous to let water into you waders as the water can hold you down, and you could drown. If it is water high then heavy loads is strong current and that is reason not to paddle up your creek.

Didn’t finish but if I had I would have explained why the Beaver Lodge is the home of brown and the blaze. Its in a creek mouth off the Madison.

Capt. Pappy Lays Down the Rules: an interview with Billy Bobs

Billy Bobs is dumb, he and I use hand signals and eye contact to communicate. Billy is far better, than I at covering ground but age has climbed on his back for the ride. Sometimes I worry what will happen if I go down. I mean if I have a heart attack , break a leg, be eaten by a bear. Of late my partner stays in the car; mostly the law forces him to stay at the car. I have a deep cell battery that drives two fans keeping my car/camper cool. It is for Bill that these new laws exists. Take up any disagreements with Bobs.

Do walk for less than a mile in radius from the car.

Do take your partner leave no one in the car.

Do dress in layers and appropriately for the weather. Mountains have year around weather most days.

know each animal you may encounter.

Do keep your hands and face out of holes. Check before you leap! I remember arriving at a church camp where the smartest kid in school (160 IQ) had put on a swim suit in the bus so he could be first in the lake. He leaped before he looked and broke his neck.

Do carry bear spray. Make lots of noise and look for signs.

Do Scare cats, back up slowly and stay big for bears, put two good size sticks on your head like antlers for moose.

Do stay 300 yards from bears, moose, elk, deer, bisson, and anything that can bite.

Do stay away from animals in the wild; especially young animals.

Do come back to the car and check in every two hours.

Do carry a gun if you have received training. Most people would be better off not taking a gun. I once fired a gun over the head of a grizzly bear. We banged on pots to scare the bear ( I wouldn’t do that again scare cats not bears. Cats scat but bears get mad) as the bear slowly and nonchalantly loafed away I fired a small hand gun over his head to help him hurry but he turned and gave me a look of pure discuss. I was discussed myself.

Do look where the sun doesn’t shine do not dig. What!!!!

Do take water. Do drink water.

Do go for walks but when looking for the treasure know where you are going .

Do have a plan showing where you are going. Give the plan to some one you trust and stay with the plan.

Do take a phone, whistle, fire starter, knife, rope, walking sticks and waders.

Do park in a safe place.

Do bring a backpack that fits 10″ x 10″ by 5″.

Nothing is guaranteed Billy Bobs understands that. We were stunned to hear a college student was trample in the parking lot of his school. Stay close to the car every person who got into trouble broke countless rules. It is not an Indiana Jones deal but it is a short and dense trip. It is NOT FOR THE MEEK. Believe me it is a lot like the water fall story in the book short sweet and terry scant.

If I am anywhere close, his place is impossible to recreate.

Just getting out my last ideas as the treasure has been found but as of yet no proof. Forrest pictures won’t prove anything. You said you had away to know. If a picture showing something only you knew was in the chest is what you are looking for it would prove to you it was found and would mean nothing to anyone else. Prove it with your solve and leave out any proof of exact place. This way government cant use anything and you audience can have closer.

The Fool on The Pale or Hero on The Hill

This is not live as I have not done the following. The treasure was found just after I wrote this.

Today I drive to Baker’s Campground. I have four days of supplies and my camping mate BillyBobs a Yukon XL set for days of adventure so on I go. The road to the beginning of the Forrest Fenn’s poem leads to my campsite and I change clothes after I relax from the 7 hour drive. After taking in the true awesomeness of nature I will have a lime in tonic and a shot for my heart. Really, thinking about going in alone is giving me pause. I am wearing a river suit, waders and boots. Bear spray two cans and a horn. The distance from my site is under a half mile.

Only one person could go in at the Home of Brown. This the first hint to the keyword, and a second with treasures new and old. I have watched film of a small boy and of an average man investigate such places but I am 71 but Fenn was 79 or 80.

Walking from the campsite I choose the river bank to follow because the poem tells me to get out here at the boarder of the Yellowstone National Park. Knowing where warm waters halt is mandatory but it doesn’t have to be an exact spot because it is up from the canyon that is down to far to walk which is ware I am walking. The end is ever drawing neigh that creek on my right as I walk upstream. The port creek is drawing and it is close and the end (treasure) is cleverly hidden at my creek mouth. For if you my reader have been wise you may decide to be brave and in the wood.

I went in this area before but always on a creek. I always took the shortest route so I never followed the poem. This latest trip I saw what change the way I though of the creek you don’t paddle up. In that case the Home of Brown is where you put-in at the creek in the beaver lodge.

Now it seems the hardest thing I have to face is the next few minutes. Is there a forgotten trap or an angry set of teeth down there underwater? The chest sits high and is not underwater but I’ll be cold and in the wood.

There is a problem however you understand if you are reading this I got my courage up, took a dip, found it or not. No, really I hesitated waited for better weather and got beat. Congrats to the winner I hope it brings joy.

I would like closure so hoping the poem is explained so all of us can feel good. Nothing short of the solve is acceptable and it is Forrest responsibility to end this with integrity. This world is filled with lies he offered me hope I will not accept excuses and misdirection I can watch the news for that kind of garbage. No cons. Forrest I am not a genius and I could easily explained your solve without giving the exact place away. I am right about this. This is going to be another Vietnam just a tale without truth, integrity or closer.

Here you go, I left a billion dollar treasure given to me by a prince. It was found after reading this articular by a searcher who will remain unnamed. No worries I’ll have pictures. A contest without showing the solve to prove when its over is immoral and has no integrity. Once they asked Picasso about fakes and how hard it is not to be taken in by a copy. He replied sometimes I paint fake Picasso’s myself. How about you is your story a fake. Think about it. No harm to tell the keyword the general area or a description of what it was secreted in. No I will not be dupe and I will not accept anything less than proof. No proof your a spoof. Its on you Forrest not the finder. Protect the finder and love those who had faith and acted on your invite.

Did you just manipulate us around a fake story after all its what people think you are that counts; is that right. Just a self serving art dealer who made money by convincing people his art was worth more than what he paid. A seller of genuine American Antiques taken without restitution to their legal heirs by questionable means.

Here’s your chance to give back do the right thing.

For My Readers I’m Checking the Facts

This will be brief. The purpose here is to clear some things up and give my small audience reason to keep the faith. Some doubt has been expressed over the number of trips searchers have taken. I want to explain my claim because I at worst exaggerate but I don’t mislead. At last year’s Fennboree one of the writers asked me how many trips I have taken. He loaded the question by saying some searchers were claiming as many as several hundred. Well nothing was clear and the question wasn’t exact enough to matter much. I should of asked what counts as a trip.

OK, is it the number of trips to an area but not boots on the ground? Is one trip only counted by times the searcher goes out and then returns home? If you go to two states in one trip is that two trips? Is it a new trip for every boots on the ground. This goes on and on like the where warm waters halt. Truly if these websites lose their audience it will be because of this this garbage and complications of every word and at every turn.

What counts is experience right! If a person wanted to know who has experience they could go to someone who has driven in all four States but never went boots on the ground or some one in one State who has walked the area for years? I answered the question base on times I gave my walked from my car and back again. Each search lasted any where from an hour to half a day and sometimes a full day. I count the to times alone after a night of cramping from the hike the day before. The nights I was afraid to go alone up Sphinx Creek knowing a mama bear was waiting some where I would be. I count the times I was foolish and went into really tough situations. I would go a great distance from New Mexico through Wyoming to Billings so I could enter the park at Gardiner in early Spring. This question is like asking who’s the lead searcher. People want to order us putting us in ordinal categories. Can’t find the treasure so these types need to be rewarded for something. Respect everyone listen to their stories or risk missing that one special clue.

Now with that said, When I go on a hunt it is boots on the ground no matter if it is an old place or a new one. My trips were for one to two weeks long. I have a great friend who has a cabin at Hebgen Lake . I moved to Boise to be closer to my target area and bought an old GMC XL which is my home away from home. I have looked in all four states and I count every boots on the ground. I started about November 2011 and had my first trip to Yellowstone on April 1 2012. Every mile I walked is what counts and the beauty of the land plus the adventure is what made my life fuller.

This happens every year about this time. I think I can walk right to the treasure I even think the chest is in that 12″ x 12″ area that’s been talked about. So I have some big news but I have to wait. I will say for now if your solve isn’t super simple and if it does’t fit Forrest life your not looking where I am looking. If your solve uses anything but the poem and book your not looking where I am. There is a keyword and wise is also very important. Ok , after I go and check I will tell all and I will share as always. Just know I am trying to be honest but exaggerations do happen. 9 Years 5 or more trips a year at least 5 boots on the ground each time is 225 boot-trips and many miles.

Hang in there read the poem and the book. Try to understand Forrest and his life and simplify, simplify. Many of you went to the chest but it is underground or under something and that is why no one has found the treasure. Where it is is in the poem. The blaze is a mountain man wisdom thing.

Forrest explains in TTOTC wise as mountain man wise. John the man who hid from his enemies by interring a beaver lodge was wise indeed. At this time the treasure is found. I’m putting out the last post I was working on. Enjoy.

The last six post A winner broke the finish line

Thank you Forrest Fenn. Only one thing left to do. Tell the story ! Not the finder story he may or may not tell and that’s his/her right. Forrest please tell your story for so many to have closer. Thank you Forrest Fenn.

I had the best times of my life over the last nine years. Everything in my body was employed. I got through all the highs and lows and those feeling will never go away. Some want something to take the place of this chase but this race is unique a performance never to be duplicated. Oh have Forrest Fenn Two if you wish but the trill is gone.

So let’s go toga party at our favorite hot spring and set our eyes on the stars to see the one to ask a wish. Please star, just one more really exciting rabbit hole.

Getting things off my chest is a privileged of a website affords. Before I close this part of my life down I am sending out post that were never finished because the post gave too much away. I am releasing all of it done or not as a ritual. Shiva come and make way for the new as I let go of the old. Let this be an exciting time with new freedom to do more.

You-tubers have been fun to watch but a few stood out for me. Two that come to mind are A Gypsy’s Kiss they handled this news of the treasure being found beautifully and with real heart felt joy. I felt Toby’s integrity is outstanding even though I think the treasure was in water and in the Y.P. . I can see him shaking his head. As for the Treasure Princess well she is beautiful and well represented such a tittle. The videographer (Capt. pappyism) Cynthia Meachum is putting out great video on places I remember as I watched. I Grew up in New Mexico. Hard to name a place there I haven’t visited plus Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Cynthia has integrity also and she shared with others in a conscientious way that I trusted. If you read these unfinished posts just know I was waiting to post you can see where her stuff helped me get to my newest solve.

Others were fun to tune into and a couple were both very good and not so much. After most people heard the treasure is found I want to document my last solve. This way I could compare my solve to the real solve. If I wait it could be that no one would believe I didn’t make it up after the facts. This You-tuber said send in you solves and when we know the answer we will have the person with that solve on for a whole show. Later the people who have the guts to put it out there were called names and put down for doing what this site requested. That whole show of late is filled with misquotes. Saving material gotten from the community but passed around in secret is not acting with integrity. Sometimes in their confusion about what to say or not say is a dead giveaway that they are not telling the audience something. Yet moments later they say they don’t get an advantage. What???? Then why are you going to telling us later something you say, is important? Its called logic. Critical thinking is not taught and is a lost skill in our society. There is a beautiful conflict between the two hosts which does make their program entertaining. If they can master a balance they will do well.

I don’t go out of my way to make comments on other’s vlogs but I’ll stand-up for myself. After being told to put my solve on their blog I asked to join in but wasn’t put on. Ok community that doesn’t let people on oh some people on. I admit I was nervous that the real solve would come out before I could document my solve. (Big Ego Problem) I am aware and working everyday to improve but as my hero Popeye says “I am what I am.” Several hours go by and I see an opportunity to get on zoom with Candy. Let me say that she had me scared she was going to get the Beaver Lodge thing. It could well be a beaver lodge on Beaver Creek. I could believe that even though warm water halts over 30 miles away for that solve to work plus you would have left the canyon. Candy graciously allowed me to tell my solve but the other host from the prior you tube got on interrupting trying to cut off the discussion about the Beaver Lodge in Bake’s Hole area. Kicked off 9 years ago for saying I thought I was second to the treasure. I have talk to Dal about it and its not a big deal. But Forrest must of taken offense when it got into the Huffington Post. Now there seems to be resistance to me getting my Beaver solve out to the comunity.

Last, to the finder, I give you my highest esteem.


This is the story I would love to be true. Forrest read about one famous hunter, trapper, explorer and one hell of an athlete. Ran naked for his life from a tribe of Blackfoot before hiding in a Beaver Lodge. Colter started out with Louis and Clark he is considered the first mountain man and best known for being the first European to visit the Yellowstone. He found Colter’s Hell which is near Cody. Many people didn’t believe his tales. For me this is the best story about a boy checking out a beaver lodge like his hero did. Might be where John Colter hid . Now at twelve Forrest goes in there alone.

From there I saw fishermen, sage and pine a few cottonwoods ; a swimming hole and a place to hang out. I saw a river and a creek a marsh and in the distance the notch in the caldera called Madison Canyon to Madison Junction. And I see Beaver Meadows a treasure of pelts for John Colter a treasure put back from Forrest. Everything comes back to where it started treasures new replaces treasures old.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. The real solve doesn’t have to be this one but this one is a great story and a great ending

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