Fenn Treasure hunters can count on Forrest a true western Indiana Jones

Forrest has more than gained my respect.  He is a true Indiana Jones.  Yes he has been in places he probably should have not been at great peril if he were caught.   The west was won by such people.  Let the others go back to the safety of their false securities.  For those that can’t let others enjoy their lives the way they see fit just keep in mind if I get lost stay home.  Don’t get out of your mundane life, stay secure,  no one needs your help.  Those who feel a great need to help others placing their lives on the line, you have the same spirit as I do.  This may escape many but the truth is the savior and those needing saving are two sides of the same coin.  It is a mystery, a paradox  one needs the other and if you keep knocking down doors eventually you get back to where you started.  Let the Chief eat donuts drink coffee and stay safe in his office he is not the savior type.  People do dumb things helping them is his job.  He seems to think his job is scolding the rest of us in stead of giving us information on how to stay safe.

People get into trouble so over time jobs are created to help them.  No trouble no need for the job.  Get it!  One goes for the satisfaction that comes in the chase; the other does it for the trill of being a savior.  Both may risk their lives but both live life to the fullest.  Two men lost their lives and many searchers put their lives at risk to look for them but neither got rewarded.  I hope Heaven has a chase for it is not the finding of the treasure that counts no, the gift is in the chasing.  As for me may there be a great chase in the sky for the rescuers I’ll call for help from time to time.

Big clues in the statements made by Fenn in recent days.  Keeping with this blog’s intent here are some useful bits of information.  He said he would have to take a picture of a muddy chest. It is wet.    He can’t get it in his present condition.  But he could still go in more than one trip couldn’t he? No he says he can’t.  He is not agile enough is what he said.  One more hint that for me is big is where he says he did not hide it.

Putting things like this out to other followers is what I got banned for on sites like Dal’s but after almost seven years he needs to lighten up.  Here you go Dal your really not going to like this but if you want to film the finding of the treasure you need to stay in close contact as I will soon pick it up from its muddy hiding place.

Finally, Fenn says a maverick will walk to the treasure with confidence, well Dal did you expect a true dog of the chase to be quit with his or her head down apologizing for figuring out the solve?  I feel the dogs are right behind me and it is anybodies hunt but I am being up front and honest.

God bless all of us and may God keep us safe.

Forrest the Calvary is coming to the rescue

I have been looking for  seven years.  I have made more trips than I can remember and every time I thought I was on the verge of finding the treasure.  Now the boy that cried wolf is asking readers of this blog to get this message to Forrest.

I will try to convince Forrest that I will get the treasure as soon as conditions allow.  If he cancels the search Forrest needs to know I will race him to the chest.  I know we both have to wait.

I believe Forrest has a plan for his chest to be  placed in the Wild Bill Cody Museum.  There is a financial institute that has a trust for the purchase of the treasure.   That institution is mentioned in the clues.  If not then he should of done that.  Forrest you parked your car at a place to camp or picnic.  You walked about 1.25 miles and the key word gives the direction to turn.  That will be enough for Forrest to know I am able to get the treasure.

Forrest your treasure should never be broken up and sold on the dark.  It needs to be shared with the world.  If you give away the site or get the treasure yourself it won’t be the same as when I bring the treasure to you say on the 23rd of Sept seven years after you hid it.  I have work hard to solve the poem.  I have been waiting for three months to get the trove ( a clue because of the law) and I know first hand that it is too early in the year to get there the way you got there.  Sure I could climb to it but that would be dangerous so please let me solve our problem. God willing  I only need a little longer.

Now I am depending on my readers to get a message to Forrest so he can decide to give us a little longer.  If he agrees I will take my readers to the treasure the day I go with streaming video(if possible ) as many of you can’t look for yourselves.

We owe Forrest to be safe.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Hang in there.  Remember the difference between a disaster and an adventure is your attitude.  If the people wanting you to end this chase win they will also keep us in our cars when visiting our great Rockies and only the animals will  inherit the Yellowstone which was to be for the pleasure of the people.   Soon to keep us safe we can be captives of our safe cities as we learn to stay inside and resist the evils of nature.  Yes and lets sue and demonize anyone who encourages us to take chances.  Heck I wonder if health advocates could be held responsible for anyone hurt while running or biking.  We just need to be locked up safely in our cells so all the worry  warts can feel good about controlling us as they tremble in their very small world.

Get the word out the treasure will be found this summer.  Seven is the lucky number, the treasure will be found soon!

Please say a prayer for the two who lost their lives.  I hope they are able to watch from Heaven and I suggest their names be honored where ever the chest finds it’s home.  God bless us all.

Forrest Finn could … hunters locked up for their safety.

Forgive me for this article but I have to express myself  as events have move me to push for some common sense.  This world is far to insane for any logic to affect the future but perhaps someone with common sense could get our feet on the ground.

I will disclose that I too believe I will find the chest as soon as weather permits.   That should be no surprise to my followers as they have heard this every year now going on seven.  Forrest said the maverick who finds the treasure will go with confidence… and he will walk right to the treasure.  I have such a place to go and soon I will have prof of solve.

Forrest Fenn cannot say with certainty a person looking for his treasure will be safe.  I can lock those wanting to be safe in a cell as President Eisenhower suggested  and then maybe they will be safe.  Maybe Forrest put the chest in a walled yard so he can keep deadly animals (bears, moose cougars etc. from the searchers. Perhaps walking with a lightning rod for bad weather and an inflatable body suit in case of flash flood will keep you safe.  Forrest should tell us exactly what part of the Rocky Mountains is safe enough to journey in and we all should get a doctor to declare that we are physically fit enough to go hiking.

People, new to the mountains, need to know that no place is safe.  A creek ( no paddle up your creek) even a dry creek can and does fill without warning when flash floods occur.  Not long ago several scouts got washed away to their death in northern New Mexico.  They never knew that many miles up in the mountains a deadly wall of water was released.  Who thought it was safe for those boys to walked in the mountains with the sun shining? Bears have mauled people every year.  Even ranchers who make their living in the mountains have lost their lives to bears and moose.  Why do farmers need on occasion to ware gators for rattle snake protection?  Do I need to go on, I could for hours,  naming various ways a person  could get hurt in the Rockies is probably endless.  The bottom line Forrest cannot guarantee anyone’s safety.

Safety is relative.  Forrest is a seasoned mountain man a guide in the wilderness his idea of safe is not what a green horn thinks.  In fact a green horn really has little knowledge of all the dangers in the mountains. Even if Forrest put the chest in a safe place it doesn’t help as all the places I have looked were not all safe.  As I had never been to any of the places that I looked  how would I know if they were safe before I arrived.

The issue is to determine how much responsibility Forrest has to those who venture out looking  for his treasure.  In his case he has created a public curiosity and for that reason he has some amount of responsibility.  That’s right he has some liability even if you or I are total idiots.  I wish I was wrong but after being a coach for 40 years I had to be very careful about unattended equipment the the reasons stated.  We will see after the courts rule on the two deaths related to the search.

Yes the world is crazy and Forrest is one of my crazy heroes.  He has made my life so much fuller and thanks to him I dream and hope for better things.  For me I will be careful and would never expect Forrest to take responsibility for my action or decisions.  But Forrest needs to stop telling people that the chest is in a safe place.  He cannot guarantee that and he states in his own words that this place is not for the meek and the finder needs to be brave.  Logic tells me that not for the meek and being brave is not synonymous with safe.  Forrest in his last publish letter says never go alone but earlier he said if you take a friend leave them in the car.  Forrest also said that if his grand daughter had the strength she could go get the treasure.  But why does she have to be brave and can she go by herself while he waits in the car?

Now if everyone can wait a few more weeks I am planning to get the chest when it will be safe to go( tongue in cheek ).

Forrest, it is not safe to go where I think it is waiting at this time.  You know it is not safe at this time and maybe you should say so.  Really write him and ask if a person could not paddle up your creek at this time of year.  I know it is far from safe if I am right.

Forrest not everything adds up and I suggest you stay quiet for soon someone will go to the right and finish your wonderful plan.  I will probably accept your offer and give the chest to its rightful home.

Now for the Dogs be careful it is not safe in the mountains.  Be reasonable and if you think the treasure is in the Rio Grand Gorge find the blaze before you go in there it has killed two people.

Is Fenn’s Treasure being Guarded or Watched?

Explorer’s along a remote river, somewhere in Ukraine, captured video of a strange creature resting on the shore.  We know the Rocky Mountains are remote, getting cold (maybe wet) and being brave, may mean you need to watch out for a similar beast. Take your camera with you!

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure…Ideas New and Old

Time goes so quickly and I find myself studying up for the next big adventure – Spring is just around the corner!  My biggest problem is picking out the next place to look for the elusive treasure.  So in keeping with the spirit of the blog, I thought I would write down some of my ideas on where to go and share them with you here.

First, let’s start with the old ideas.  Lamar Valley in Yellowstone is home to bears, browns and the Lamar Canyon.  High water and heavy loads just down from the Lamar Ranger Station which was once home to famous Park Ranger Brown. Depending on the direction you take to get there you may pass Soda Butte, a place where waters halted. This valley, along with many buffalo, was also the roaming area of the now deceased wolf named Blaze.

It was in this valley where I discovered the “immaculate impression” inside a cottonwood tree which I once believe held the treasure.  Anyone interested in this area might care to check out the first podcast or some of my first blogs to get familiar with that tale.

The next searches were in and around Gardiner, Montana; a small town just outside the Roosevelt Arch at the north gate of  Yellowstone.  This is where President Roosevelt gave a rousing speech in 1903.  Notice the inscription on the top.  Keep that in mind when anyone gives you a bad time for looking around for the treasure.


“For the benefit and enjoyment of the people”

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Capt Pappy’s Podcast: Who’s in who’s out? Don’t get left out.

So here we are in the third week of January,  a week known to be the worse for people with seasonal depression.  The weather here (Boise) is arctic like with snow on the streets now for over three weeks.  Most people stay home and have little sun to warm their hearts.  So what to do?

Take loads of vitamin D, stay warm, build a fire and listen to a good blog.  How about a blog committed to sharing all ideas on the Forrest Fenn treasure.  Perfect, let’s get stimulated, I mean revved up, juices running and dreams a dreaming.  I will start us off.  I believe Pebble Creek is a good place to revisit.  It is magical with many good secret places and several waterfalls.

Great hiding places
Water high and deep

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