Forrest Fenn Followers Have Mixed Feelings On Poem’s Reveal

Much talk about someone named Ryan divulging his interpretation of the poem.  He claims to have solved the riddle and was or is going to quit the chase and publish his notes.  This has many chasers upset.  I think I now know what has gotten some followers to ignore my desire for their comments on this site.  I try hard to include something relevant on this site and I think that is an irritation to those certain few. This site is a place to share ideas and therefore an affront to those who get upset if a clue is revealed that may lead to the finding of the trove.  I am sorry they have come to feel this way.  Dal says if you say you have solved the poem or think you know where it is he won’t ok your comments and it will get you rejected from ever being on his blog.  Ok, its his blog so I got no problem with that.  His blog site is very good and I recommend it to anyone searching for the treasure.  He is not the only one to feel this way.  I have figured that at least 50% of those commenters on his blog agree that people who say they know something are to be left out.  To get oked a commenter must say it is his opinion or he is not sure but or such qualifiers before they make their statements.  Again ok, that is his privilege and I respect that.  I have an opinion on why people react so strongly to someone saying they know they are correct .  Here is what I have come to believe.

(1) It is rude to say you are sure of yourself.  Like the Greek story of Beowulf the hero comes in bragging on his ability to save the King from Grindle  and most of us cringe to hear a braggart but this is a cultural matter.  We are not supposed to be full of ourselves we must be like the English and be humble. Well, I am not English but like Beowulf I am Greek so maybe I have offended.

(2)  People looking for the treasure tend to believe they have ownership after putting in time to the search and think they will be cheated if someone gives away its whereabouts to someone they perceive to be less deserving than themselves.  The treasure is not anyones and the rules are not made by anyone not even Fenn at this point.  If people converge on an area given out by a website then enjoy the union, have a party just don’t dig.  Please don’t dig holes.  Please respect the mountains.

(3)  We all will be disappointed when it is found.

(4) If you have a hard time examining yourself you are warned not to read this fourth piece.  Psychologically we must all deal with our own unconscious as this is where most if not all anger begins.  All of us have in us our two-year old.  My two-year-old self gets frustrated when I cannot get what I want, ie solve the poem and just like a two-year old I want help but I still want to be the one to solve it.  If you have had children you know halfway through helping, the youngster gets frustrated because he now wants to finish.  Mad if you don’t help, mad if you do.  Hey we are all this way until we face it and work to handle the frustration in a mature way.  The thing is it will anger most of us because we are human.  So we look to get help then get mad if someone gives too much help.

Why do you look at, read and maybe comment on the blogs about Forrest Fenn?  If it is out of interest or entertainment then there is nothing that would insite you to anger but if it is to learn and perhaps get important info  please control the child.  You should not look for info and then be mad at those who give it out.  If someone’s answer to the poem ties you in knots you are the one needed to untie it.

I don’t want the whereabouts of the treasure revealed before I find it and I look at all the websites to find out what others think, so even though it hurts when someone divulges my secret spots, I remember thats how it works.  Seems to me everyone has choices.  Don’t read the blogs that share ideas or start a website that only allows lite chit chat.   This site allows both.  It is ” The Thrill of The Chase” getting there first is the goal.  If someone gives out the treasure’s hidden place beat them to it and win the race.

Here are some ideas to help others on their search.  Forrest says the box has dancing women on the sides.  He should know after all he bought the Roman lock box but there is another description that to me is the correct interpretation of the figures.  They are bricklayers wearing aprons and standing on ladders.  Now I have written about this before but never publish it.  I thought his women dancing referred to a place I have not yet checked out.  If you tie this in with the blaze and the Yellowstone it leads to a spot of interest. Sorry you’ll have to do some of your own work to know to what this refers to as I cannot get myself to just hand it out.  The biggest problem with this place is getting all the clues to fit.  I’ll give you one more hint.  If I wanted to fish for large browns in a place that few go but many walk pass this is a good one.

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Man claims Fenn’s Treasure on Ice

If you happen to be near Pagosa Springs you might want to stop by the Blue Spruce at the bottom of Wolf Creek Pass.  I was there last August with my fishing buddies.  My second day there while enjoying some ribs and cold beer the owner of this beautiful resort sat down to join me and the conversation got around to Forrest Fenn.  To my surprise the owner had a very interesting story around the treasure.  A few weeks earlier a treasure hunter asked if he could empty the ice machine at the registrar’s office.  He even offered to buy all the ice in the cooler.  This being a rather strange request the hunter offered his theory on the treasure’s whereabouts.  Seems the hunter believed the treasure was in the ice machine.  I replied with all the clues in the poem and assumed they would rule out any chance of the trove being anywhere around Wolf Creek Pass but to my surprise the owner gave me examples of every clue.  Warm waters are nearby, there are two ranches owned  by Brown in the area and just up the road a waterfall  that freezes in the winter and somewhere nearby is a lost treasure left by a French troupe.  My interest peaked,  I started asking around and I got some great info at the Pagosa Springs sporting goods store   One of the owners there show me some maps of the area and told me how to get on the river near the Brown Ranch.  This is public land easily accessible by boat and or a hard to find turn out.  After looking for this turn out I headed back to get directions a second time.   This second trip I found the turn out.  After looking around I found an old gas line with a bleed off pipe about fifteen feet in height.  This is a pipe where you would see a large flame when the gas is burned off.  Blaze came to mind and you can bet I gave the area a good look over.  The owner back at the sports store said when he was last out in that area he saw an older gentleman walking around the area.  I plan to bring photos of Fenn next time I go and get the owner to tell me if that was who he saw.

This post never got posted till now.   I must of done something wrong and just missed it.   anyway the story is too good to leave it out.

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