Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Prepares To Hibernate : One last Look Before Winter

Hot elk burgers and cold beer await and I hope to be eating and drinking at my favorite place on the Yellowstone River by the end of the week.  I have ruled out several areas as time is short and  younger, stronger hunters have scoured those places.  One such place is on the Bear Gulch Creek below Joe Brown’s cabin just off the Yellowstone and down from Boiling River.  A lady wrote about her hunt in that area and I feel she should’ve found the treasure if it were there.  She had great logic and her time studying the area showed.  I was so sure she had the right solve that there was no way she or someone following her ideas would not find the treasure.  No one has and thats why I feel it is not there.  Forrest Fenn said the hardest part is knowing where to start.  After that he said  the other clues are much easier.  He also said he thinks the treasure will be found sooner than he expected because people where looking in the right area.  But no one has found it. Forrest also said He could not understand why people would get the first two clues and then go by the rest.  I plan to look a lot closer to the put in point than anyone else may have decided to look.  If I am right I will be rolling with laughter.  i would like to talk to a native in the area of the north gate of Yellowstone as I cannot decipher what the blaze is or where it is.

The blaze is a tough clue to solve but it should be easier than knowing where to begin it.  That is what Fenn said, but no one has found the blaze. Think about that they have been as close as 500 ft. but they never found the easier to find blaze. I have to admit something really doesn’t add up.  The blaze is much harder to find than where to begin it.  The only clue we have about the blaze is that we must be wise to find it.  We don’t even know what a blaze is.  A hunter could start in the correct place then go not too far and put in below the home of Brown I have done this in several places;  Spinx creek just down from the home of Brown by Yankee Jim”s Canyon; Millers creek where Meek turned around to go to Oregon; Lamar Ranger Station (Home of Brown) to a h\whole in a cottonwood tree on an Inland in the Lamar River.  I went to many places in between and in every case I had no idea of what or where a blaze is.

Well if anyone wishes to comment or get in on this last trip for the year I will be looking for your comments.  I will update after I arrive in Yellowstone.  I wish all those hunting, good luck.  Also if by chance someone has found the treasure help the lost out as there are many other treasure out there.  Just a picture  would help us to move on to another chase.  Thanks for your time.

I arrived today 911.  I ‘m so happy that nothing bad took place.  I came in just behind a storm but weather was gentle and roads were dry.  After 18 hours I was tired but ready for that elk burger I was looking forward to,  when to my dismay,  no Iron Horse Bar!  Gone no one home.  I wonder if they found the treasure and took off with it.  I shook off the disappointment and suffered through diner.  I cannot recommend any of the very busy restaurants but there all ok I suppose.  I was shock by the amount of people up here at this time of the year and happy I have been here in Spring to have Yellowstone almost all to myself.

On the way in I decided to look just north of Gardiner out by the cemetery.  The area I was interested in is fenced with  very tall wire.  On google it looked like Native American  ruins . I guess I was right.  I was led to the site by following a dry creek bed coming off the Yellowstone.  That was my best guess until Wednesday when I got in my car to come up here and  it hit me,  I know where the blaze is.  Never have I known that before.  All the many times I have come here I would hope to find the blaze.  I believe the hunter should know where it is before s/he goes to get the treasure.  I learned from “rocket scientists and mathematicians  (really) that if you want to learn something well teach it to someone else.  I figured out some important characteristics the blaze would have  and if you have been following you may also notice how this idea has evolved.  I will know tomorrow.   I now  have two lines to follow and they cross like the x on a map.  I will walk with confidence right to the treasure and I knew where to go when I left my driveway.  If I am wrong I will give out the new solve.  Well, we will see.

Well I am done for today and still empty handed.  I found some likely spots on the Yellowstone using the Devil’s Slide as the blaze.  Could still be a good spot to keep looking  but I did not like the vines growing in the wood piles.  I hope it wasn’t poison ivy.  Leaflets in three leave it be.  More importantly the Iron Grill is open.  They closed last night because it got too cold.  No heat in the building.  Lunch was great and I got some new ideas while talking to the natives. Tomorrow I check out an area near bear Gulch Creek.  I looked up Creek and Yellowstone could be referred to as a creek.  I have an area along the river yet to look in and then I will just be another lost hunter.    More later.

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