What I learned at the new book signing

Book signing in Sante Fe with Forrest and his good friend Douglas Preston  gave me a few things to ponder.  Mostly I asked myself how Douglas Preston could know that Forrest put clues in his new book.  Forrest’s grandson asked the audience to hold any questions about his treasure as his grandfather wanted the book to sell on it’s own merit.  later Douglas chimed in with a statement that there are clues in the new book.

Does anyone else get the uneasy idea that Mr. Preston has special privy to information the rest of us do not know about?  I can’t stop asking how would Preston know if there are any clues if one, he did not tell anyone there were clues in the book and two, how would Preston recognize a clue in the book if he has no idea of where this chest is hidden.  This is exactly the kind of things I focus on and the reason I came to the book signing.

After much thought, I have narrowed the possible clues Preston refers to as the statement Fen made about parking in Denver and a much less obvious clue, when Fenn might of hid the chest.  For me, any other clues  Mr. Preston might be hinting at would be impossible without suspension.

As for the event it was wonderful.  My brother and I were speaking to some providers at the rear entrance of the book store when to our great pleasure Mr Forrest Fenn himself arrived.  We were lucky not to be in the line at the front of the book store but to have a brief discussion with Forrest in the back.  Forrest gains more of my respect every time I see him.  Three times I have been at signing and Forrest has been very approachable every time.   He is very witty and has a treasure trove of stories about the people he has known and the places he has been.  I have no doubt Forrest hid a treasure.

I have a life time experience with New Mexico and Sante Fe as well and they live  up to their reputation of high snobbery.  The kindest people and most approachable were from out of town.  I met and talk to four or five from as far away places as Canada, New York and Montana.  I could tell the new searchers from the old by their willingness to discuss their search sites.  Seems new searchers are overly concern about giving away a clue but the older ones know their ideas are really safe as no one searcher believes the other has it right.  I have told others exactly where I thought the treasure is without any fear that they would rush off to beat me to the treasure.  It is a weird bias that I share with so many other searcher.  Just think about the many stories you heard but didn’t believe.

There was a get together before the signing I missed it but some decided to meet at a near by hotel-restaurant-bar  after the signing.  I met a lady searcher from New York and we shared tells of our searches.  She and her husband went in many of the same areas as I had and to my amazement she had ran across the same poacher I had met in my search. I wrote about him and his son in earlier accounts back in 2013 when we searched Sphinx creek.  What a small world.  I tried to include others by offering to put our tables together but there clique wouldn’t have it.  Ah Sante Fe.  Anyway after a wonderful chat I introduce our guest from New York to the golden people to help broaden her social experience and my brother and I left for Albuquerque.

Deer Creek was the last place I looked as I shared in a blog before.  I plan to leave some pictures here for your pleasure and to give you an idea of were not to go.  However the videos and photos don’t want to cooperate so they will come latter.

Here is what I took away from my last trip to New Mexico.  His last clue is a parked car at a museum in Denver.  New Mexico is not looking like the place he chose to hid the treasure.  He says he was afraid that someone would check car or truck rental records if they knew the year he hid the treasure.  This means he got where he was going without a car.  He left his car in Colorado.  He did not drive to the hiding place in his own vehicle.  I don’t think he walked or took a train or bus but I believe he flew.  Would he park in Colorado just to fly back to New Mexico?  Would he give Colorado as a clue to rule out other states?  I think his family went through Denver every year on their way to West Gate and this is the direction in which he went to hide the treasure.  I also believe he cashed his treasure like the Native Americans had done before him.  This cashing will probable make the finding of the treasure nearly impossible to find even if you should be lucky enough to get yourself neigh.  Final thought the blaze cannot be seen by google and it does not face in any one direction.  Figure out how that can be and you’ll have a jump on the rest of the dogs in the chase.

In keeping with the intent of this blog I will give the readers some new things to ponder.  First let me say in my defense that much of the info and even pictures have been reproduced in other blogs.  To back up what I am saying go back 6 or 7 years on this blog to read what is now shared with many other sites.  I say good it is just what I wanted but I must confess that after 51 posts and almost 7 years of searching to hear how others blogs are consulted and regarded as expert I get offended.  My how my ego pokes at me.

I am looking forward to a new podcast where the Boise think tank will discuss information hidden in comments made over the years by Forrest that may lead to new clues.  Here is a taste of what it will have to offer.  Forrest says to a lady in the book signing in Sante Fe several years ago when she asked if he would take her to the treasure and he answers without filtering sure does she have a plan?  Add to this that the last hint will be his parked car in Denver with the statement Forrest gave about someone checking car or truck rentals on the year he hid the treasure and we have plenty to go on.

He must of hid the treasure in New Mexico right?  Sure he drives to Denver to rent a car to take back to New Mexico.  This is going to be obvious when we see the miles driven in the rented car or truck so he must hide the time the treasure was hidden.  Let me get my tongue out of my cheek.  Rented a car or truck, ah hum, car or truck.  He hopes a Texas man with a big family drives up in his truck and walks right to the treasure.  Rents an automobile would not be a hint but car or truck that is a hint.     From the place that warm waters halt to the home of Brown takes a truck!   From Denver to where he rented a truck takes a plane or why didn’t he just drive to the rental.  The big deal to me is that the time he went has been narrowed by this new book and for me you can through out New Mexico as a possible state.  Finally if it was in Colorado would he leave his last clue in Denver.  Why didn’t he leave the car at the rental place?  What is the reason to drive there if he lets everyone know he parked there.  What hint or hints have you found in the book that the treasure is near Denver?  Denver is six hours from Sante Fe.  No airline would transport the treasure without knowledge of it.  A privet aircraft and a truck are needed to finish the hiding if he flew.  Here in lies the answer to where he went to hide the chest.  This is the kind of things we will discuss on the up coming podcast.

Keep on running you dogs of the chase and may good luck and a large can of bear spray be with you.  As for me I now carried a Judge.



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