Who wants to look for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure


The Boise Think Tank has identified five great areas to look for the blaze.  Capt. Pappy will be looking in these same areas but that doesn’t mean he wont miss the secrete.  Anyone interested will be given an analysis of the chosen areas as stated in the blogs along with inside info.   They will be able to team up as we don’t recommend going on your own and keep the treasure if they find it.

very deep water

We will provide transport to and from search areas of our  picking or your own choice.  We will provide accommodations and meals through trusted and tried inns, cabins and approved restaurants.   We have been know to go 50 miles out of our way to eat the best Elk Burger ever and  we have experience with this area going back to Fenn’s childhood.

Get fishing in some of the best fisheries in the world when you get a break from the “Chase”.  Go on your own if you wish but if you would like to have some inside help and not worry about anything but the hunt and natural beauty we have a plan for you.

immunity idle ?

We will get deals for your stay and add 20% to the overall expense.  The hole thing could end up at a cost no more than if you had come on your own but we will be there guiding  and helping as you Chase the dream.

Did I say I saw a lot of Browns

Be as safe as possible and use our experience to help.  Find a hiking partner including Capt. Pappy,  his side kick Kendrick and Billybobs if you want us there to give you confidence.

You get to West Yellowstone or a town near by and we will do the rest.  Including what to take and brief instructions on how to stay safe.

Death trap for bears and possibly others if gas should suddenly release in the area just up stream on Cashe Creek Yellowstone.  Notice the trees that have been burned by acidic fumes over time.

Let us keep you from going where a 79 or 80 year old man would not go.  Believe me that is an easy limit to break but it has resulted in some bad experiences.

We will be accommodating up to five searchers for our first trip then we will consider a second trip later in the search season.  Plan for five days up to six search areas and time to take in other recreational activities.  This is your trip you pick where to look and with whom and we will get you there.  When you come back everything will be ready from a great meal to a beautiful place to stay.

If you want to know more send a comment or email at capt.pappy@hotmail.com.  We are in the planning stages so send suggestions and requests so we can make it the best Chase you’ll ever have.  Thanks.  Oh read all my post to get an idea of what we can do to help you in your search.

What’s the Connection with Gardiner Montana


The gate to Yellowstone at Gardiner, Montana has the inscription For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People. 

Gardiner Montana was hinted at in the Forrest Fenn book too far to walk.  Fenn speaks of a dream he had walking around Gardiner Inland (notice the spelling).  Early back in 2011 I spent time looking in this area. I kept looking here for almost four years.  Made at least thirty different explorations of the area and I feel it is not in Gardiner nor on the Yellowstone river nor any of the creeks in that area.  Yes, Gardiner is a hint but not because it is there.  Forrest would not give the area away so easily.  From his dream to Devil’s slide or from Brown’s put in to Yankee Jim’s canyon or Joe Meek to the newsman who floated down through the his canyon, they all have merit but no secreted place.  So is there a hint in all this yes I believe there is and I am going to share the reason with you.

I have come to believe the hints are far more than Fenn would give if it were there.  He said the hints in the book are general just to help identify a clue.  Not his exact words but if you have studied you will know everything you need to know is in the poem.  Devils slide, Gardiner is not in the poem, Brown and meek are and maybe Sphinx Creek.  Every place in the Rockies is a possibility  so of course it could be around Gardiner I thought so for over three years but now I have found what I feel is the connection.

Posted on April 4, 2017 by Train Lover
The Northern Pacific was proud to call Gardiner the “original entrance to Yellowstone National Park” and, from 1903 until Union Pacific built to West Yellowstone in 1908, the only one reached by a railroad. These postcards show views in and around Gardiner. 

NP’s train station at Gardiner was built on a loop that allowed the train to turn and head back to the main line at Livingston. This card was not issued by the railroad but does present an overview of the town.

This card probably dates from before 1915, the first year automobiles were allowed into Yellowstone. The NP logo on the back shows that it was issued by the railroad.

Here’s another view of the Yellowstone stagecoach. The fact that the card calls it the “old stagecoach” suggests it may have been issued after 1915 as the transition from stagecoaches to open touring cars wasn’t completed until 1917. No NP logo, but the front says it is based on a photo taken for the NP.

The automobile in this photo dates it to around 1930 plus or minus a couple of years.  Again, no NP logo but an NP photo.

The Northern Pacific printed a very interesting pamphlet about the Walkins Dude Ranch   later to be rescued as a national site and renamed Firehole Ranch.  Early on after the Gate was built in Gardiner this pamphlet advertised the Ranch as a place of  “riches new and old.”  Yeap!  The Firehole was new and Walkins was the old, the riches were the land, hunting and fishing that the elite of the day enjoyed after arriving at Gardiner via train and then a ride through Yellowstone to end at the Walkins ranch.
The hint is not Gardiner nor the park but it is West Yellowstone and Firehole Ranch but before you get too excited it is not at that Ranch but it is tied into the solve in my opinion.
The train was the way into the Yellowstone and it went to Gardiner, just before that the tracks ended at Cinnabar where the Devil’s slide can be seen.  Devil”s Slide is reddish as it contains mercury  which they used to mine gold some of which was Joe Brown’s gold.
Gardiner has the most references to things in the book but there is another place it hints at.

I believe in a collective conscience and mine tells me the Dogs are all packing up and they will be close enough to each other this next search season to hear each other’s HOWLS.
Two things left to say for now, as I have a lot of likes on Facebook which I don’t use often it would be nice to get feedback here at Captpappy.com.  I have zero likes.  If you don’t like this blog please give me some feedback if you do like please like me, thanks.  Finally just to poke at “A Gypsy’s Kiss” I find there site to be very professional and useful but they are not very open as they refused to gather with me or others at the signings et cetera.   Oh don’t go to Gardiner  until you read my earlier blogs as I wrote a lot on this area including my favorite Elk Burger at the Wild Horse overlooking  the Yellowstone.  Tell the bar keeper Capt. Pappy sent you.

How Many Clues are in this Solve

Hebgen Lake just north west of West Yellowstone.   On the dock are some of my fishing buddies.  We arrive  as soon as the ice breaks and the fish are hungry.  Not long after this picture was taken we witnessed real drama.  A large 20 inch  rainbow jumping three feet out of the water fighting for freedom and  inadvertently signaling diner to a nearby osprey.  Kendrick released the fish but freedom was brief as the osprey splashed the water grasping the trout and flying back to its roost. Suddenly a bald eagle appears screeching while slamming the osprey with talons ripping the rainbow from the unfortunate raptor.  Fish flying to the freedom of the lake, eagle and osprey struggle to remain afloat on the brilliant blue sky while a second eagle swoops down catching the prize before it hits the water.  What a show as we watched the two eagles fight in the sky over that fish then disappear back to the beautiful forest.

Here is an exercise I go through every now and again to gain insight.   How many clues do you think I have solved in this reveal.  Maybe none will be your answer and that may be helpful as you can eliminate my ideas or add new ones.

“Begin it where warm waters halt.”  Warm waters are the huge numbers of hot water features found in the Yellowstone National Park.  Most of these warm waters run down the Firehole and the Gibbon rivers or the Yellowstone and the Gardner  rivers.  Of these I pick Madison Junction the place were Firehole and Gibbon meet to form the Madison.  Why because the Yellowstone is the only place my inner child says geothermal and Gardiner Montana is no longer on my list.  I grew up in New Mexico where we are lucky to have any water at all.  If asked, a child in New Mexico knows about the Yellowstone but does a child in West Yellowstone know what warm waters are in New Mexico?  Forrest said to ask a child to solve the poem my child knows where warm waters starts is in the Yellowstone National  Park.  Ask your own inner child and hear the answer then decide for yourself.  

Not convinced then think about this.  Why did Forrest say the last clue I’ll leave is my car parked at the Denver Natural  History Museum?  Well, For awhile there where few ways to get to the Madison River which runs nearby West Yellowstone Airport.  The first airfield in West Yellowstone was built, as was the newer one, in the middle of a large forest.  The first real effort to get people to fly into West Yellowstone was a venture between the government and Trans World Airlines (TWA).  TWA started a series of flights into the National Parks called (are you ready for this) Wise Owl Airline.  Yea if you been wise you may have flown to the West Yellowstone Airport on a Wise Owl Flight.  That would land you on top of “the home of Brown”.  What does this have to do with Denver you may ask well for a time there where only two places to fly to West Yellowstone from Salt Lake City and you guessed it Denver.  For a time Salt Lake was off that short list.  So how do you leave your car without giving anything away, park and fly.  And yes, I have added some others clues to support where warm waters halt but that info is saved for a trip I hope to have for fellows Dogs.

“And take it down not far but too far to walk” about ten miles down the Madison River from Madison Junction by crows flight is Baker’s Hole also known as Browns hole the place Fenn loved to fish.  But if one Brown is not enough down from warm waters halt how about three.  The airport is there and it was built on a dump famous for drawing lots and lots of bears.  Tourist came often to watch the bears. That’s two and here is the third in the same immediate area Camp Brown built in 1905.  That’s as brownish as anyone will ever get.  Three Browns in that one place.

“Water high and heavy loads”  refer to one fishing and one flying  term.  Water high on you waders is a way of saying deep.  He threw a bike into water high he said.  All fly fishers know if water fills your waders it could result in drowning.  Water high on your waiters should give you some cause for caution “not for the meek.” Loads refer to fluid and gas dynamics it would mean a heavy current which is why you can’t paddle up it.  The wings of an aircraft experience heavy loads also but that is not a hint.  “The end is ever drawing neigh” is the end of your creek and that creek is coming in on the left.

Ok how many clues do you think I have gotten.   I do this to help both those in the chase and my followers find the treasure.  No not all I think is here I do have more as from here I am still a long ways from solving his Poem.  I am also setting up a few trips were I would take a small number of searchers to places they think would be the best of five good possibilities.  Remember if it was easy it would be gone by now.

Last word I have just started making some money to pay for this site.  Eight years ago I gave two books away for auctions a long with notes and a map and the money was for a non-profit but now I need to make a little as every penny counts so pardon the few adds you may see.  Also likes help as do your much appreciated comments.  So please like me or tell me what you don’t like.  Also lets share knowledge so this site stays relevant.

P.S.  Can the blaze be man made?  The treasure is not in a place related to any man made thing but how about the Blaze.  What do you think.  I got lots more but it is the readers turn.   Comment!  

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