Hey Forrest My Mom says that “Stupid is What Stupid Does”

Some where north of Santa Fe

Forrest says if you search in the winter your not too bright, to put it nicely. Well here is a place I went to on Dec. 23 so color me dumb. I chose to go because I was in need of an adventure and the big snows were coming the next week. I was not the only one showing their ignorance there were lots of tracks in the snow. Besides I had a friend come with me.

Big Foot said he knew where to go but he wouldn’t tell me . He watch for moose to keep me safe.

Balance is the key to enjoying your life. So after my last look of the year 2019 I warmed up.

Bloody Mary at Trocones on the Beach. Water is 83 degrees
Some where south of Santa Fe.

Ok, it is not a good idea to look in the winter but I believe in the saying “do nothing out of fear but rather out of love. “

Did you know that most people who get in trouble with hypothermia do it in the spring? They don’t plan for rain or wind that changes temp rapidly so they find themselves without the proper dress and lose their body heat. Remember my favorite Mark Twain saying ” the coldest winter I ever saw was a summer in San Francisco.”

I have studied with a friend who actually was sent to teach igloo building to Eskimos. My friend also started making clothes and sleeping bags made from foam rubber. He actually soaked his sleeping bag in a creek and then slept in it. This eagle scout promoted camping without fires. Fires scar the ground and melt snow. Both are bad for ecological reasons while creating water. If you get wet in the winter you will quickly get into trouble. Hypothermia and frost bite await a wet hiker.

I have camped alone in the winter in the mountains more than once. Made mistakes along the way but It can be done and it can be pleasurable. It all comes down to preparation . Dress in layers don’t sweat and have water proof clothes. Use skies, snow shoes, and walking sticks. Stay out of water and off the ice. Use a map and know where you are and where you are going. Tell others where you are going and when you’ll be there and don’t change from those plans unless you tell them again of the new changes.

Hey stupid is what stupid does a person can be stupid anytime of year and in any area of the world. Winter is not scary but the wilderness is full of death summer, winter, spring, or fall. The winter comes with its own dangers. Getting wet is the worst things that can happen but the snow can cover many traps also. It is best to stay on ski and groomed trails. Don’t go on ground you don’t know for a fact is safe. Don’t go where an avalanche could occur. The more I write the louder this voice is saying wait for early summer.

I believe the blaze is white so winter snow is going to hide the blaze and if the treasure is under something ( which it is) it is also under snow. If you don’t go where a 79 year old man couldn’t go and you dress for the weather never going more the 3/4 of a mile from the car with skis or snow shoes phone in hand and perhaps a gun I think you won’t be doing stupid. I think you’ll be in an adventure, but I feel your chances of finding the treasure would be zero until spring. The treasure has been waiting for 10 years Summer is only 5 months away.

I want to give a shout out to Kpro and Cow. They are fun and give out a lot of info on the chase. I will be at their World of Fenn poker tournament. Also kudos to Cynthia Meacham who worked hard to get some new info out to us searchers.

Other websites are also fun but I warn you most sites have wrong and misleading information, not on purpose but its a big telephone game. One such situation was the time a vlog member told me that the chest is not in water. That’s wrong, Forrest said the chest is not underwater. Forrest said the chest is wet. So the chest is wet but not underwater. For me , I look around water but if I falsely believe it is not in water then that changes things and I would be mislead. I use this example as even insiders can be misleading.

Finally again I have a new place to look and again it is better than ever. I will tell all this spring. I would love to tell my solve on the Kpro vlog but I don’t want people their until I look. But I would love to compare different solves. I think Cow is logical and will not find holes in my solve but Kpro is so deep I want to hear her opinion. If this gets out to yous guys will there be a meet up in West Yellowstone again this year? I propose a remote viewing up in West Yellowstone. I volunteer my services.

Not putting my chasing shoes on today

I want to give my readers something to think about while winter approaches. After exhausting all the solves I can come up with it could be that I walked right by the treasure. Some might believe the treasure is hidden where many have looked before. The latest news about Forrest showing a reporter where Mr. Fenn felt an umbilical-connection has got the Dogs barking.

Think about these things when deciding if you should jump in the truck and head out on a the chase. I am a Dog of the chase and just like my partner Billybobs, a toy poodle, my tendency is to chase after things. If I point to something Billy will run in that direction. That is how us dogs are and that is not helpful when looking for treasure. Lately people are pointing to Baker’s Hole. Forrest sat under a tree and wrote a letter to his loving wife close to this fishing/swimming spot on the Madison River. Baker’s Hole has been hinted at before when Forrest made reference to baking. Baker’s Hole was once called Brown’s Hole and it is across the highway from the local airport. (Easy access for a drop off and no car left behind). The water is cold there and kids swam there. Lets go!

Forrest said the home of Brown is not a fish. I think he is saying it is not a fishes home. Not a fishing hole or hatchery. Also, if Baker’s Hole is the Home of Brown why would I look there? The place we are looking for is below the Home of Brown. Billybobs might look at Baker’s Hole but Forrest says its not at the home of Brown. I had a chance to talk with Forrest in Santa Fe and he corrected me when I refereed to the Madison River as a creek. Mr. Fenn seem to take offence at calling his river a creek. The poem talks about a creek not a river.

Brain games had 50 or so people guess at the number of gum balls in a jar. The guesses were averaged and the number was only 5 gum balls off. Science calls this the wisdom of the group. Someone asked how far did Forrest walk from his car to hide the treasure. So far the average is close to what Mr. Fenn says he went. He says in all (two trips) he went less than a few miles. Few means more than a couple so it could be three up to five miles. I think he walked just under three miles. That divided by four leaves us with a trip of 3/4 of a mile from his car. The parking places Forrest pointed out to Grey the reporter is about an 1/8 of a mile from this famous tree where he wrote his wife a letter. Baker’s Hole doesn’t fit the facts. It may be somewhere at about a mile from Baker’s but it is not at Baker’s Hole. Warning! Please do not walk in the gavel on the bottom of the river or streams as you will be killing fish eggs and disturbing needed spawning areas be careful and look for the spawning redds.

I feel Forrest left clues in the book that he said helps to understand what the clues mean but not where they are. For example in the poem the phrase “water high” is explained as where he threw a bike in the deep water. In the book water high means deep water. The book hints that water high means deep. Not too far but too far to walk is the distance from Barns Holes to Baker’s Hole that distance is about twelve miles. Check it out on the map to be precise. Why I am not in the truck going to West Yellowstone is simple there isn’t a creek . ever drawing neigh that is deep 3/4 of a mile from a parking spot that others have walked by, or is there?

Coming up I am going to set up a meeting in West Yellowstone to capture group wisdom and get the number of miles from x the treasure is. One such questionnaire done on how far from the car Fenn walk to his hiding place was taken recently. The results average out to right at 3/4 of a mile.

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