Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Meets Neuro-Lingiustic-Programming.

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In 1974, Doctor Teague of Albuquerque, told me all teachers should learn hypnoses because knowing how to hold a student’s attention is vital to learning. My first-year teaching Physical-Education and coaching three sports was a challenge, and I wanted every advantage I could get for my teams. I had a minor in Physiology and had studied Sports Psychology, so I was ready and willing to learn about trance work.

Although the Russians had made Sport Psychology part of a winning program here at home, it was taboo, and few offered peak performance curriculum. Today I use high tech tDNS and other brain hacks to help people achieve their goals.

When NLP got discussed on a couple of my favorite YouTube vlogs, I couldn’t resist talking about this science when trying to get an edge on the Chase. NLP is a catch-all term these days, and no one agrees on precisely what it is. It has changed over time, so let me say I took my classes with the founder, Richard Bandler. One was a 21-day workshop in Colorado and again in a 14-day seminar in Hollywood, Ca.

Body language is viable along with eye movement, but the best help comes from understanding Dr. Milton Ericson’s meta language. This meta language is what is getting the attention of late. Here is how it works briefly.

When we communicate, we do it in levels that are conscious and unconscious. Here is an example: Have you stopped beating your wife? First, no answer is a good one.  Answer yes, you admit to hitting your wife, answer no, and you are still beating your wife. That’s a double bind, but why does it work like that? It works because of the subconscious and unconscious meanings that must be present for the sentience to make sense. In this example, the question supposes you have a wife whom you beat. The next level assumes you are physically able to beat your wife, and you and your wife get together. Unconsciously you think a beating is physical abuse when it could be a parlor game.

Now let’s try it on a quote of Forest Fenn.  At a book signing I attended, a lady asked Forrest Fenn if he would take her to the treasure.  His answer, do you have a plane? Level one, do you have an airplane. Level two, he would prefer a plane to travel there..  He can use a plane to get to the treasure.  Someone can fly a plane to the cache. There is a place to land the plane closer to the treasure than the book store. The treasure is not at the book store. Are you getting how it works? Be careful; this is not psychoanalysis, just finding the deeper meanings to things communicated.

Now let us try this meta language on the poem, how about WWWH.  There is water, and it was once warm but no longer.  If there is water going down a canyon, it is not warm. There is more than one warm water that halts. The water was heated by something.

Let’s try this comment. People get the first two clues and then go right on past the other seven.  There are 9 clues.  Two clues have been solved.  People who look for clues have found where to start, but that didn’t help them find the treasure or the other evidence . Seven of the clues are hard to find. People are going too far down the canyon or too far past the canyon. The treasure is not where warm waters halt and not where the water first goes into the canyon.  Searchers go far enough to find the treasure.  People go by the blaze.   Chasers go in the correct direction.  The treasure is between where some start and finish their search.  People have been to and talked about the place to launch the search. The MOST important clue is known by many ( where warm waters halt) and, for a long time. The first clue is not enough to find the treasure, and you’ll never know if you have found the first clue until someone finds the treasure.

Body language can help, and from my observations, Forrest is left-handed or ambidextrous. He has some ADD or ADHD.  He is not making up his story of the treasure but is recalling the truth.  His eyes move up and right when remembering images of the place he hid the treasure.

Here’s one for the books, Fenn’s body language, when a reporter said he would die where his chest is hidden, tells me things had changed. In the beginning, he did want to sleep eternally with his treasure; the poem initially states to leave his bones and take the chest. Our memories, unfortunately, are not reliable. Sorry, that’s a fact, ask a lawyer or a judge about people’s recall.  I help people remember with hypnosis, and I assure you memories are not real. I believe Forrest, too, was surprised when he went to his special spot. I think he decided not to leave his body there when he passes. He has said he hopes a kid finds his treasure.   Imagine a child finding the chest, what would a child do when he or she sees a dead body!  Something special has to happen for Forrest to leave his body near or at the treasure. It may explain why it took the entire afternoon to hide the treasure if he built a vault, but that doesn’t feel right to me. Today I think it is safe to say Fenn is not going to die with his treasure.  Fenn says he cannot go even where a 79 or 80-year-old man can’t go.  Maybe his ashes will find away.

NLP, body language, trick questions, and the like are not Forrest approved.  He wants us to follow the poem and learn about his life.  Forrest wants chasers to remember him.  His life’s story is in the box and the poem.  After someone finds the treasure, we will say, but of course, he left it there; it was in the book and the poem the whole time.

This year I again have the best solve ever. I hope to search in a month for as long as it takes to satisfy myself it is not where I believe it to be. After that again I will tell all. This is my ninth year and I have written about each trip. Every trip was wrong and I don’t have to go back. If for no other reason searchers can benefit from my stories. Again I feel all the places in all four states where I looked for the chest is wrong. Unfortunately in every solve there was something not matching up.

I have started Edge Performance tied with Mind Works a learning lab. Giving peak performers the edge with high tech and mind training. Recently we started using Halo Sport 2 to increase brain plasticity. Wow talk about cutting edge. Soon the Boise Brain Trust will be adding this device to their arsenal. Presently we are working with breaking the women’s weight lifting records here in Idaho, helping a local track team and a sprint car racer.. I plan on rereading TTOTC while using this new device. Come back and I’ll share what I have to offer.

Also coming soon I will have posts about Edge Performance and Mind Works. Just cant stay retired. I love helping people get what they want.

Last thing. I am going to learn how to use all this media someday soon. I may not be registered correctly in Facebook or some other crazy thing, and here is why I am thinking this way. On this site WordPress after 8 years or so of post never once has anyone given the site a like. People have said they follow the blog and some say they like it but all those post 64 not one like. Over 72,000 visitors but not one like. I feel like no body likes me everybody hates me I think I’ll go out and eat some worms. Oh well I hope my followers get something that makes their solve. Good luck you dogs of the chase. Howl!

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