Almost Two Decades of Pure Joy

Freinds and Dogs of the Chase, I am mourning the death of my beloved poodle . He has fought cancer and won but now age has taken him at eighteen plus years old. Billy was 108 human years old, according to the AKC. I hoped he could pass while napping, but loyatly kept Bill hanging on for me. Bobby went through what we all may face, old age stole his legs, sight, and hearing . When he quit smiling I knew it was time. I fed him his favorite food , hotdogs, for his last dinner. He hadn’t eaten much for many days and he was wasting but somehow he knew it was his last as he finished two hotdogs. I sedated him as he was starting to grown and to my great dismay I had the Vet end his life. I hope he knew how hard that was and that it was done out of love, may God strike me down if he lost even a minute of time he could have enjoyed. He was never too heavy, never too needy, but it was cruel to ask him to continue to suffer.

Bill was born in Oregan. He came to me the minute I walked in to see the puppies. It was love at first sight. I brought him to Boise and we sailed, hiked swam, fished, pan gold, and looked for Forrest ‘s treasure. Billy Bobs spent half his life running around the Yellowstone area boating on Hebgan Lake and forging the Yellowstone and the Madison rivers.

He was an outstanding athlete and was a good hunter. He sported many hair styles, and whore sunglasses when we went for bike rides. He was welcomed by everyone that met him , he was so well behaved and loving. Billy served as an aide to me while working with Special students some of which would not had attended school if not for him. He was voted the mascot of my fishing group and many held him on their laps petting him as they relaxed.

On August 17 2022 at 5:00 pm Billybobs was sent home, may God take him, for his joy, as Bill gave joy so many.

Some believe our pets watch over us, maybe so , and if they do let me share a possible example. After Bill was gone I thought I would bury him behind the farm house where I now live in Klickitat. When I returned home with Bill’s remains I just didn’t feel right but I got a shovel and started walking up the mountain side to look for a spot. Just then my goodfriend Kendrick ( Fellow treasure hunter) stopped by to offer a Friends creamation fasillities service. This was free of charge and even though free was not a reason I gladly accepted. This way Bill’s ashes can be spread in a beautiful spot in the Yellowstone area. Upon arrival I was treated to absolute kindness. I am so indedted , as they gave me such relief. After some time passed the mother to the friend, who took Bill’s remains and assured me I would receive Billybobs ashes, said she had something for me. She left and returned shortly with a book. The tittle, lOST MINES AND TREASURES of the Pacific Northwest. Seems Billy is letting me know the Adventure goes on. Maybe in spirit Billybobs and I will find a treasure after all.

Now where I live a dog is not welcome. I hope to change that in a few months. Here in Washington a lady in the area trains truffle dogs. She resques dogs for this purpose and sells them to good owners. I’d like to get a full size poodle. I would find a Godfather for the poodle to live with when I pass as I don’t plan to ever go through this upset again, but for the time I have left Billybobs senior would continue the Chase . That’s correct senior as the Standard is much larger and my followers will be in on the joke.

I have a request of anyone following or visiting this website, say a prayer for Bill, ask that Billy be brought home and one day we and our pets can once again frolic together.

Stay tuned as Billy and I (in spirit) hunt the Northwest for a treasure in a book Billy may have given me to keep the Dogs happy. Thanks everyone .

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