What the Forrest Fenn Blogs Don’t Want You to Know

IMG_20130502_142621_221I have given out everything I have learned about the treasure on my blogs and each time I did I have commented on the other blogs. So far over the last four years none of my comments have been allowed on any of the sites. That would be none! The readers that come to this site are some of the very same blog writers that keep me off of their sites. Some how they want to know what I am sharing but they don’t want you to know. I don’t know why they would not leave even one of my comments but I feel it is because I am close to the solve. If you also want to be close just read what I have written in my blog and decide for yourself. I have oked every single comment that I have received on my blog. If I would block some one else it wouldn’t be for attitude or because they thought they had the answer, it would only be for bad language. Yet I have had such wonderful readers that not once have I blocked anyone in four years. And yet in four years of trying to share what I have studied, seen, and heard no other blog site will let it stay on their site. Ok I get it some of you guys think I am going to compete with your book or maybe CBS might want to hear something from someone out of the carbol. Oh so heart breaking that I don’t get to have a camera crew with me on my adventures to nowhere. Anyway I won’t be here to worry you too much longer. I have no book and no camera crew calling me but if they want a great story steel the one about Freeman and make one hell of an adventure story as camera crew and adventurer ride down the Yellowstone River through Yankee Jim Canyon in search of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure. Maybe stop to catch a few two-pound Browns while you are at it. Lastly know if you are reading this blog I’ve got no skin in the game and I am kissing no one’s derriere. I just want to be part of the chase.
How would Fenn or Dal know enough to claim the treasure will be found this summer? Note Fenn might have heard from someone who is going to the right place but then why would anyone else be privy to such knowledge? Also notice where CBS went to film (Wyoming) while those who have “a jump on things” are always in Montana (probably at the Iron Bar eating elk burgers) yet they only talk about the West side of the Park in Wy.. Who else never talks about Gardiner or the north side of the Park. Seems to me someone lived in Livingston Mt.,someone’s mom or dad or both yet no mention of Park County thought by my close friends to be the most beautiful valley in all the area and a great area to fish. What no one ever bathe in the Boiling River just a few miles from Gardiner? Also not one Blog site gets Fenn’s reference to Gardiner Island and looking for the treasure. Is it just too easy of a clue for them discuss. I know we are supposed to dumbed down in this new world we live in but isn’t some of the discussions you read really silly yet the Gardiner thing just gets swept by with nary a word.
Ok , I have gone long enough but if you have been taking notes there are a few clues in what I wrote much unlike the chatter I have been reading. I do want to credit those blogs that do a good job, there are some out there, just don’t get too close.

Capt. Pappy gives best solve for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure 8/7/2015

After four years of dedicated research I have decided to share my best solve of Forrest’s poem.  His poem is really good but as a map it is very bad.  Just imagine how many people have tried to solve Fenn’s poem.  I would guess that more than a few hundred thousand have read the poem.  Out of that huge number at least a few hundred people with very high intelligence and very good decoding skills have worked on this poem without success.  The computer age has tied many searchers together through blogs, email, plus social media. This is a tremendous advantage for research and collaboration but even with this no one can find his chest.  After five years I think it is fair to say Forrest is a terrible directions giver at least in the case of his poem.

Most disturbing is Forrest inconsistency with his comments as to where it is.  Is it wet? Wow couldn’t tell ya after listening to Forrest stumble around on that statement.   How can it burn if it is wet? He said it can be burned, rained on and snowed on.  Not if it is wet or buried. How can his granddaughter go get the chest if she has to be brave and in the wood to be brave is to overcome some kind of danger doesn’t it? I won’t list all the problems here but there are at least a few more conflicts that throw a shadow on his honesty.

I have studied and put my knowledge of human behavior to task and I am certain Forrest hid a chest but I believe it is hidden in such a way that it is nearly impossible to find.  If he buried the chest for example how can anyone find it?  He buried bells deeper than a metal detector can react from the surface so no one could find them.  A buried Chest would be almost impossible to find.  Get it “almost”  like  1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 that is not impossible.  Getting people off the couch is a really good thing but putting people on a wild goose chase isn’t a good thing it is deceitful and a sin.  There are those like myself who have spent lots of time and money that they could have spent to recreate in many other ways.  Maybe they are taking a chance with their money in hopes of a payoff  it is not ok for the game to be fixed.  Only time will tell but it may well be that this treasure like so many others will never be found.  Chaser beware finding the treasure is difficult but not IMPOSSIBLE.  I could go on for hours but I will leave it up to the reader to understand the frugality of looking for a chest with horrible directions and covered by water or dirt etc.  So I have decided to quit for now and to aid others as much as I can.

Here is my solve for the poem.

The first verse may describe which state it is in and that would be Montana the” Treasure State.”

Begin it at La Duke Hot Springs.  This is where Yankee Jim gave a timber raft belonging to a home sick Kentuckian to an adventurer and journalist Lewis R Freeman.  Freeman wanted to take the raft all the way to New Orleans via the Yellowstone.    Corwin Springs near La Duke is the bridge to the Old Yellowstone Trail Road. Take it   in Yankee Jim Canyon down about 5.2 miles north and put in at Joe Brown put in.  Nearby ranchers helped Freeman put his raft in the Yellowstone River below the home of Brown at Joe Brown Put in.  From there Freeman was told to keep to the left (Neigh) to get through the falls.  You can read guide books on the canyon and read that it is best to stay to the left.  Neigh is Old English and is a boat term for port side, Left when going down stream, the west bank and nearby.  Yankee Jim tells Freeman to stay to the left and Freeman ties his raft near Tom Miner Creek to a Cottonwood on the left bank. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze by studying the history of this area you would find keywords such as Meek , Brown, Yankee Jim, Theodore Roosevelt and a chapter  call in the wood crashing through Yankee Jim Canyon.  (While studying I found at least three stories of this adventure.  No paddle up your creek  The Yellowstone River is the creek that no one paddles up as the water runs too fast and this river can be called a creek.  If you are brave and in the wood this could refer to Freeman who stays with the raft at great danger to himself.  I suggest you read the book and the story Freeman wrote about going through Yankee Jim Canyon in 1902.  http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/37220?msg=welcome_stranger


Down the Yellowstone by Lewis R. Freeman.  (Having trouble getting the title underlined or even put in the proper place please forgive me.) Notice Tarry is misspelled in the Freeman story when he is referring to terry cloth and when he refers to Terry bas relief.  He spells it like the biblical word tarry just as Fenn did when he says tarry scant.  For me this is a way Fenn was referring to Freeman.

The chapter about Yankee Jim Canyon is what the poem is referring to but I never have understood the blaze.  I thought it was the rock Freeman smashed his boat on or the cottonwood tree he tied his raft too but I could not find anything in those areas.

If the readers look they will see many hints from the book about this area.  An example is the story that he went to Gardiner Inland to look for a treasure must refer to Gardiner, Mt. or the brown streak on his pants from the fire escape must be the Devil’s Slide at the mouth of Yankee Jim’s Canyon.  Water high is the over thirty feet deep Yellowstone River going through box car falls.

I put myself in some tough and not so tough places but I never found a trace.  I looked in the area over 30 times for more than three years and I spent at least 100 hours looking in Paradise Valley and all I got was a great experience and one great Elk Burger. Use this info and do better than I did with it.  Good luck. I will check my blog for awhile before I take it down.  If you have comments or questions please don’t hesitate. I am retiring from the chase as I have lost faith.  Maybe you can prove me wrong but if a half a million people have no idea where or even what the blaze I doubt I can do better.

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