What the Forrest Fenn Blogs Don’t Want You to Know

IMG_20130502_142621_221I have given out everything I have learned about the treasure on my blogs and each time I did I have commented on the other blogs. So far over the last four years none of my comments have been allowed on any of the sites. That would be none! The readers that come to this site are some of the very same blog writers that keep me off of their sites. Some how they want to know what I am sharing but they don’t want you to know. I don’t know why they would not leave even one of my comments but I feel it is because I am close to the solve. If you also want to be close just read what I have written in my blog and decide for yourself. I have oked every single comment that I have received on my blog. If I would block some one else it wouldn’t be for attitude or because they thought they had the answer, it would only be for bad language. Yet I have had such wonderful readers that not once have I blocked anyone in four years. And yet in four years of trying to share what I have studied, seen, and heard no other blog site will let it stay on their site. Ok I get it some of you guys think I am going to compete with your book or maybe CBS might want to hear something from someone out of the carbol. Oh so heart breaking that I don’t get to have a camera crew with me on my adventures to nowhere. Anyway I won’t be here to worry you too much longer. I have no book and no camera crew calling me but if they want a great story steel the one about Freeman and make one hell of an adventure story as camera crew and adventurer ride down the Yellowstone River through Yankee Jim Canyon in search of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure. Maybe stop to catch a few two-pound Browns while you are at it. Lastly know if you are reading this blog I’ve got no skin in the game and I am kissing no one’s derriere. I just want to be part of the chase.
How would Fenn or Dal know enough to claim the treasure will be found this summer? Note Fenn might have heard from someone who is going to the right place but then why would anyone else be privy to such knowledge? Also notice where CBS went to film (Wyoming) while those who have “a jump on things” are always in Montana (probably at the Iron Bar eating elk burgers) yet they only talk about the West side of the Park in Wy.. Who else never talks about Gardiner or the north side of the Park. Seems to me someone lived in Livingston Mt.,someone’s mom or dad or both yet no mention of Park County thought by my close friends to be the most beautiful valley in all the area and a great area to fish. What no one ever bathe in the Boiling River just a few miles from Gardiner? Also not one Blog site gets Fenn’s reference to Gardiner Island and looking for the treasure. Is it just too easy of a clue for them discuss. I know we are supposed to dumbed down in this new world we live in but isn’t some of the discussions you read really silly yet the Gardiner thing just gets swept by with nary a word.
Ok , I have gone long enough but if you have been taking notes there are a few clues in what I wrote much unlike the chatter I have been reading. I do want to credit those blogs that do a good job, there are some out there, just don’t get too close.

Author: captpappy

Teacher, counselor, therapist, coach and a treasure hunter with 40 years of teaching and coaching people from kindergarten to sports professionals. Helping people achieve their goals is what I do. I taught K-12 and university level in Physical Education, Biology, life skills, and transitions. I have a Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration and worked with families, adolescents, and chemically dependent groups. Treasure hunting is my new passion for the last eight years.

8 thoughts on “What the Forrest Fenn Blogs Don’t Want You to Know”

  1. If Dal or any of the “pets” end up finding the TC then it will prove that FF told them where it was. Especially if they find it this summer! That would be like holding onto a lightening rod in the middle of an open field during a lightening storm because there would be a LOT of pissed off people coming at them demanding the truth. There is definitely a “special friendship” going on between FF and a few of the seekers that they do not even try to hide.

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  2. Just a hypothesis… Maybe Gardiner Island and Captain Kidd references in TTOTC are pointing instead at James Joyce’s Ulysses where Gardiner Street is mentioned in Dublin, as well as John Kidd arguing about the misspellings and editing of Ulysses. One might extrapolate this to suggest Ulysses S. Grant and Yellowstone, perhaps islands in Yellowstone Lake.


    1. Michael I have not been watching my mail lately but I am back and glad to answer your questions and share ideas. So write to me at capt.pappy@hotmail and we can communicate. Also watch for a new post coming soon. It should be good.


  3. Your solve and your belief that someone had already taken the treasure was one of the first things I read back in 2013. Artists point, the Brown remark on the painting, the Forest ranger named Brown, were all great research points. Keep looking!


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