The Tiwa Connection; Where Warm Waters Halt

Most of you readers know I don’t believe the treasure is in New Mexico.  I am living far from the place I grew up and retired from (Albuquerque) partly because I wanted to be closer to where I could search in Wyoming and Montana.  That said, if anything would get me back there (besides the red and green chili) it would be this bit of info that I am passing on via a link on Dal’s blog.   See if you searchers in New Mexico think it is worth a look-see.


Good hunting

Is Fenn’s Treasure being Guarded or Watched?

Explorer’s along a remote river, somewhere in Ukraine, captured video of a strange creature resting on the shore.  We know the Rocky Mountains are remote, getting cold (maybe wet) and being brave, may mean you need to watch out for a similar beast. Take your camera with you!

A Link of Interest…

From time to time I will add info found on the net from others that we find interesting.  I will provide a link and make a comment or two.  Find these under links in the sidebar and make your own comments.  This site linked below is informative, worth reading, but I think a few things might mislead a researcher I am going to point them out.

The second book Too Far to Walk does not give any more clues.  Save your money unless you like to read Forrest Fenn; which I do.  The map is on the insert and it doesn’t have Canada on it.  Forrest already told us it is in one of four states; New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana.


At this link, there is a map and it has a red line drawn over these states if that red box is supposed to be enclosing the chest it is of help as it rules out areas in all the states.  I would like to know about that because it rules out areas I have thought to look.   I don’t believe the red box on the map means anything dealing with the treasure.  Forrest, at his book signing in Santa Fe, told those present that there were no clues in the book other than said map.

Just to clear something up when I say “we” on occasion; I am talking about the Boise-Think-Tank.

I might also mean my dog, Billybobs, who would be that mouse in your pocket kind of thing.  No offense Billy.

Here is the link, enjoy.

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure…Ideas New and Old

Time goes so quickly and I find myself studying up for the next big adventure – Spring is just around the corner!  My biggest problem is picking out the next place to look for the elusive treasure.  So in keeping with the spirit of the blog, I thought I would write down some of my ideas on where to go and share them with you here.

First, let’s start with the old ideas.  Lamar Valley in Yellowstone is home to bears, browns and the Lamar Canyon.  High water and heavy loads just down from the Lamar Ranger Station which was once home to famous Park Ranger Brown. Depending on the direction you take to get there you may pass Soda Butte, a place where waters halted. This valley, along with many buffalo, was also the roaming area of the now deceased wolf named Blaze.

It was in this valley where I discovered the “immaculate impression” inside a cottonwood tree which I once believe held the treasure.  Anyone interested in this area might care to check out the first podcast or some of my first blogs to get familiar with that tale.

The next searches were in and around Gardiner, Montana; a small town just outside the Roosevelt Arch at the north gate of  Yellowstone.  This is where President Roosevelt gave a rousing speech in 1903.  Notice the inscription on the top.  Keep that in mind when anyone gives you a bad time for looking around for the treasure.


“For the benefit and enjoyment of the people”

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