Chapter Two: Slowly I go Back Where He Came From

There are maps out there claiming to show where Forrest Fenn’s Treasure hides.  Be careful, ask why anyone would show others where a million and a half dollars are waiting. No one but Forrest could do such a thing and he choose a poem not a map.  Well yes there is a map it is on the cover insert of his book released after The Thrill of The Chase, however good luck with that one.

I am developing a map that will be backed up and follows the treasure poem.  This map will be used to setup some searches by whom ever wants to be a “Dog of the Chase” with the backing of the Boise Think Tank and Capt. Pappy’s notes from all 9 years.

If the chest is found out of the range covered by this new map you get your money back!  This map is in one state and only a small area large enough to contain all the hints in the poem.

logic and imagination both play in these solves.  Here is an example of this thinking.  Give a child the poem and let them decipher it.  OK, where does warm waters halt.  First lets ask where are warm waters.  Could children come up with some obscure  place?  Where would Forrest guess when he was a child.  Where does the child in me think warm waters halt?  Come on you knew your inner child knows.

Screenshot (2).png

There you go warm waters halt here and go to where the Pacific Railroad says it is Riches New and Old.  Also it is suggesting Montana.

Screenshot (3).png

How about the last Mahican emblazoned with the famous Turtle, Fenn thought a lot about that book.  Is this the blaze at the Home of Brown. There is one new place to look where I have not been but plan to take others who wish to join the Chase.

The End of Forrest Fenn’s Rainbow or Just the End


Fifty-three blogs and still I am amazed at how many visits this blog has had over the years.  These entries go back as far as 2013 but I have been out there longer than that.  Going back as far as 2010 about the time some suggest Forrest retrieved his treasure to take a photo for the infamous Dal picture.  This is not to be overlooked.  I was kept from many of the original blogs  because I gave too much of my solves away and or because I asked Forrest if I was the second to the treasure’s hiding place.  I sent him a notebook filled with pictures at some expense just to ask if I was at the secret hiding place but got no answer.  Well I cannot blame Forrest for that as he was swamped but why was I excluded from the clique? Dal block me as several other Fenn sites.  Why?

The Huntington Post picked up my blog comments and the headline read Man says he was second one to the Forrest Fenn treasure.  Only about a month after that  and numerous questions ask of Fenn by his followers did he say the treasure is surrounded by trees not in a tree.  So “in the wood” doesn’t mean in the wood but like everything in the forest it means surrounded by trees.  If I’m standing at the spot where a box had been leaving only the silhouette of the box inside and Fenn tells me that this silhouette is not where he hid the treasure I’d be happy but instead I got shut out of the group.  I found the print of a box inside a tree that was the correct size and shape  so why so long to tell us he did not hide it inside a tree and instead try to restrict the info?

Now the house of cards have been falling a bit.  Dal has slowed down, Stephanie is shut out after many years of loyalty and eight years of searching have produce nada.  Go back to read my solve printed in 2013 and you’ll find it is a good solve.

Truly there are more reasons to doubt the treasure than to believe it can be found.  All this in mind I have not given up as I continue to believe the treasure is out there.  I will keep looking for I am a loyal Dog of the Chase.  In this spirit I offer my best places to look this year in my humble opinion.

  1.  Around Spirit Mountain Caverns near Cody Wy.
  2. Sinks State Park  near Landers Wy..
  3. Around Brown Mountain west of Thermopolis.
  4. Near Gardiner  Wyoming and to the northwest.

Reading the comments of late have really picked me up as searchers have a collective impact on the hunt please keep it up.  Read comments and judge for yourself.

It has come to my attention that many of the readers would like to join in on a search but don’t have the resources.  I have taken young adults and athletes all over this country and others countries as well.  Wrestlers to Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.  In my 35 years of working with football players , wrestlers, judo and track athletes I have gained insights for traveling with groups.  I am considering setting up the best search areas in the places most likely to hold the treasure.  This will solve problems that searchers face ;   Support on the trail, transportation to search areas, food and lodging.

I will get the best prices and discounts, coordinate searches and provide a map that will peek interests.  Thou no one can guarantee the treasure will be found my new search areas are the best in nine years.  If you agree and want to join in let me know by leaving a comment.

If you read the next post coming soon you will learn why I have a new and better search area.




Something new to consider from Capt. Pappy

IMG_20130502_142621_221Writing something new gets harder each time .  Readers deserve to get something new to add to their own search  and the only way that happens is when I learn a new perspective.  Synchronicity is again rising up through the minds of those who wish to find the end of the rainbow.  Again at the end of the season I get a new and better area to concentrate on.

This time as before I am leaving it up to the “Dogs of the Chase” to fill in the blanks.  If Forrest likes my blog he has never said so but I believe he reads this occasionally just out of interest or perhaps to have a laugh.  I was closest to Fenn’s treasure when I was searching in Gardiner  but I was closest when I wasn’t looking but fishing for Browns.    I am giving a few clues but I am in a true race as many are beginning to gravitate to the secret location.  This has been going on for several years but just as Forrest said everyone goes passed the last few clues.  Why because it is very tricky as he made it harder to find. If you know where to begin you are half way there.  Half way is a long ways and so is the second half of the way.  Finding the home of brown is also a long ways from the secret place.

Here’s new info that my now ninth year of experience has brought me to believe.  Here  is a list of places the treasure is not wanting.  Let Forrest disagree if he wishes but I will  give a few reasons to support my decisions and leave it to the “Pack” to discern the validity.

It is not in or around Gardiner Montana.  The best shot in that area is Spinx Creek and Yankee Jim’s Canyon below the Brown put in.

  1. Years of searching by many searchers has turned up empty.
  2. Key wording in poem Warm waters halt but boiling river is where one warm water halts.
  3. no one has found a blaze.

It is not in Yellowstone Park.

1.  Forrest doesn’t like the government ever since his Vet Nam experience.   Giving the            Park any chance of confiscating his treasure would be untenable for Forrest or the            Dogs.

It is not in New Mexico.

1. Growing up in New Mexico gave me many camping, hunting and fishing                               experiences.  New Mexico is the “Land of Enchantment”  but for a Texan it                           is no Cody, Gardiner or Yellowstone.  With the long drought it almost has no river              not a river running through it.  He wasn’t going to Denver just to come back to New            Mexico.  There is a lot of history between New Mexico and Texas.

It is not in Lander Wyoming or Sinks Canyon.

1. Warm water halts is not correct it is warm waters halt.

It is not in Colorado.

1.  Best hint is the car in the parking lot of the Denver Natural History Museum.                        Great hint but not in Colorado.  This is a Key to the correct destination and how he               planned to hide the treasure.

2.  Is Colorado in the book?  Nope!  Is it in the poem? Nope.

Here are the two of the best clues I can give for now.  Use the book The Thrill of the Chase and the poem.  If your idea is not in the book or poem move on.  Not in the book, move on.  not in the poem move on.

The Boise Think Tank is on top of the Chase and the dogs are more active than ever.  I use to be a little ahead of the pack but for medical reasons I am falling behind.  It is a hard place to be in for the guy who has gone looking at the drop of a hat.

First, as I remind everyone this is a chase and the first to the treasure wins.  Nothing will make up for being first.   I figured out a new search spot  just a week from neck surgery.  I was afraid my days looking in the wood was ending.  Now four weeks later I am a month away from driving and a season away from looking.  Members of the Think Tank went on a recon last week.  I was very conflicted between wishing them success and hoping I would get another chance at being first.  The hardest part is knowing how much we give away to each other.

Gold changes everyone.  If you say to yourself it wont change my ideas you are unconscious to your own behaviors.  I am 69 with more 40 years of studding  human behavior money changes everything.  At the beginning of every search I try to get an agreement as to how we would divide the treasure and how we would handle the press etc.  No one knows those answers and wrongly they want to work on that after they find the treasure.  Of coarse they do that is human nature.  So human nature is to put it off and human nature is to have trouble after the treasure is found.  Ever had a death in the family with a sizable inheritance? Need I go on.  Look if you think every body is going a long with your idea of fair you have very little wisdom.

People steal other’s ideas and believe they were their own.  How many times have you told someone your idea only to have them think they came up with it themselves.   I have gotten over 90% of my ideas from reading the blogs of others.  The original ideas that are mine are never seen by others until I back them up.  Every time new insight is developed everyone who hears it thinks its too easy even if it took eight years for me to come up with it.  I have had tons of help but when I find the treasure believe me I’ll be patting myself on the back but deep inside I will know I used others to get wherever I go.  That said the “Tank” is close and the alpha dogs will not be found on the porch.

One last season then I spill the beans sending the the dogs after the “fox’s” secret.  Woof woof.




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