The End of Forrest Fenn’s Rainbow or Just the End


Fifty-three blogs and still I am amazed at how many visits this blog has had over the years.  These entries go back as far as 2013 but I have been out there longer than that.  Going back as far as 2010 about the time some suggest Forrest retrieved his treasure to take a photo for the infamous Dal picture.  This is not to be overlooked.  I was kept from many of the original blogs  because I gave too much of my solves away and or because I asked Forrest if I was the second to the treasure’s hiding place.  I sent him a notebook filled with pictures at some expense just to ask if I was at the secret hiding place but got no answer.  Well I cannot blame Forrest for that as he was swamped but why was I excluded from the clique? Dal block me as several other Fenn sites.  Why?

The Huntington Post picked up my blog comments and the headline read Man says he was second one to the Forrest Fenn treasure.  Only about a month after that  and numerous questions ask of Fenn by his followers did he say the treasure is surrounded by trees not in a tree.  So “in the wood” doesn’t mean in the wood but like everything in the forest it means surrounded by trees.  If I’m standing at the spot where a box had been leaving only the silhouette of the box inside and Fenn tells me that this silhouette is not where he hid the treasure I’d be happy but instead I got shut out of the group.  I found the print of a box inside a tree that was the correct size and shape  so why so long to tell us he did not hide it inside a tree and instead try to restrict the info?

Now the house of cards have been falling a bit.  Dal has slowed down, Stephanie is shut out after many years of loyalty and eight years of searching have produce nada.  Go back to read my solve printed in 2013 and you’ll find it is a good solve.

Truly there are more reasons to doubt the treasure than to believe it can be found.  All this in mind I have not given up as I continue to believe the treasure is out there.  I will keep looking for I am a loyal Dog of the Chase.  In this spirit I offer my best places to look this year in my humble opinion.

  1.  Around Spirit Mountain Caverns near Cody Wy.
  2. Sinks State Park  near Landers Wy..
  3. Around Brown Mountain west of Thermopolis.
  4. Near Gardiner  Wyoming and to the northwest.

Reading the comments of late have really picked me up as searchers have a collective impact on the hunt please keep it up.  Read comments and judge for yourself.

It has come to my attention that many of the readers would like to join in on a search but don’t have the resources.  I have taken young adults and athletes all over this country and others countries as well.  Wrestlers to Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.  In my 35 years of working with football players , wrestlers, judo and track athletes I have gained insights for traveling with groups.  I am considering setting up the best search areas in the places most likely to hold the treasure.  This will solve problems that searchers face ;   Support on the trail, transportation to search areas, food and lodging.

I will get the best prices and discounts, coordinate searches and provide a map that will peek interests.  Thou no one can guarantee the treasure will be found my new search areas are the best in nine years.  If you agree and want to join in let me know by leaving a comment.

If you read the next post coming soon you will learn why I have a new and better search area.




Author: captpappy

Teacher, counselor, therapist, coach and a treasure hunter with 40 years of teaching and coaching people from kindergarten to sports professionals. Helping people achieve their goals is what I do. I taught K-12 and university level in Physical Education, Biology, life skills, and transitions. I have a Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration and worked with families, adolescents, and chemically dependent groups. Treasure hunting is my new passion for the last eight years.

19 thoughts on “The End of Forrest Fenn’s Rainbow or Just the End”

      1. Start over ! You missed the first clue – the first stanza tells what map to pull – the second tells where to start, and give the ending clue, then follow the poem!


  1. I think you have to change your thinking – start completely over. Learn treasure hunting. Over your break, re read gold bug and treasure island.


  2. By now you will have picked up the basics of a real treasure hunt, i.e. Not an easter egg hunt. From Poe you learned about code and ratiocination, from Stevenson you learned about treasure maps and vectors.

    Go back to the benchmark map and look at the the whole picture in a new way, good luck!


  3. With your code in hand for orientation -( notice the pattern ) – and the vector – put yourself at heavy loads and water high———-


  4. Today the sun sets on two trees- standing at water high and heavy loads – with your orientation from your code and your vectors in hand you will see where X Marks the Spot !

    Btw are you still looking at maps in Montana ?


  5. Hope your outtings were fun! When one analyzes all the clues and gets to the end, every single clue, everyone works. There’s no picking or choosing, every clue works!


    1. If you are talking about your solution then I am truly happy for you. Where you are mentally when you feel you have it figured out is a highly charged with lots of dopamine, oxytocin, and epinephrine. I love it when I get a match. then it is lithium time. Lots of ups and downs in nine years. Enjoy your adventures and stay safe. Ask yourself at 79 could I do this trip. If you would let us know how you do on your trip.


      1. Yes at 79 you can walk right to it!

        You missed something from above!

        The Vector- here is some help- The B’s/ use an over lay – circle the Bs

        Draw line from one to the other- add the 13* line as it is the Orientation – allow and adjust for magnetic north on your compass. The 13*


  6. The 13* line is the what you follow once you are at Heavy loads and water High-

    It leads to the Blaze Markers – there are 5 – they lead to where the treasure Was!

    You can lay the Bs on your satellite view “But” on Heavy Loads and Water High–

    B for “Brown” sits on the destination! The X!

    You can follow every clue and walk right to it! At 79,

    Btw there are 2 points to start! One longer then the other! The shorter is “not for the meek” as you have to cross water.

    When you are there Warm Waters is 1600 metes NNW 17*

    And the Put In is 1300 meters NNW 2*

    The creek with out paddle is “Dry”

    All this can be seen at home – to find the markers AND BE Amazed you will have to walk to it!


  7. Did you drop a clue to send a ?

    The first stanza has the same type clue-

    The map/ poem is Steganography

    Do you want more clues?

    Erase this and post a email for 24 hr- then erase all-

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    1. Btw you are the that one sported an agenda!!! Then asked what’s up? That’s why I’ve attempted to re-direct you and your search –

      “People” have know the treasure has been gone for years!!!!! Before the first death!

      If you don’t care, that’s fine I’ll not contact or post again!!!!

      Best of luck – pick a new passion for expression on the web.


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