Major Players Search in Yellowstone for Forrest Fenn’s Chest

Words out that some well known members of the chase will be crossing paths in Yellowstone Park.  Most these hunters are tight lipped but some are giving small bits of info, mostly the areas where they’ve been and now have ruled out.  Don’t blame them for keeping quiet especially with a large pack of would be treasure finding dogs of the chase nearby.  Must be exciting driving to the next good guess but the traffic this time a year could slow the pack down.  Hope to hear comments from anyone who cared to check out the blaze in the wood.  If you are new to this site make sure you read where I feel the treasure was and look at the many photos showing the way.

Who’s a major player one may ask.  Those who are favored by Fenn.  Seems some get a little more attention than others.  Communication with the treasure king himself.  Who of those lucky few stopped looking in April after a visit to Yellowstone? Theres a few looking for you. Fenn thinks whoever finds the treasure will not be able to keep it secret but can Fenn keep the secret.  Fenn let the dogs out time to let them in.

Forrest Fenn says June 17 Next Today Show clue

Its here, almost, but at least by the end of June that thing everyone in the chase longs to hear, a clue.  The clue, that one clue, which will make clear the treasure’s hidden place. Interestingly, this clue could come the 17th or sometime in the next three weeks.  This clue  still in the works, isn’t ready.  Fenn may need more time as he is releasing a new book due this summer.  Book finishing takes a lot of focus so heres hoping he will have enough time to get a clue worth the wait. Welcome to the stage, clue and book, perhaps both on the same day or maybe the new book will be the new clue.  His last book is well written and a good read. This book contained a poem with nine clues to Fenn’s treasure.  The book coming this summer may include more subtle clues as did the latter book.  The clue, coming soon, is the monthly Today Show Clue.

Today Show Ever Near Could be the End

May 3rd Fenn gave his monthly clue to his treasure and April 18th or so he said to the best of his knowledge the treasure is still there.  June 5th and what will Forrest have to say? Don’t hold me to the aforementioned dates as I may be off a day or two.  My first question  is it out there given the chance to ask and how do you know, is question number two.  The new clue is useless if the  treasures found.

I responded to two  different treasure hunters in the Yellowstone Park.  My reply to their blog or comments give exact directions to what I think is the treasures hiding place.  When I was searching the  YNP I checked my computer daily for new clues.  Had anyone offered a place to look  I would have check it out.  This area is a short easy hike not more than 30 miles from where they reported looking.  It is the best place to see the animals, excellent fly fishing, beautiful scenery the Lamar Valley is a must see if your in the YNP.   No comments from these hunters,  They have a lot of good info and are active on but nothing coming out of YNP as of today.  I hope the troll didn’t get them.

Come on you would be millionaires let us come together demanding in ever growing numbers one ear shattering voice “What’s UP.”  Let the truth prevail.  Get the flash light and make a sandwich.  This time,  just once let the little guy get to the bottom of it all.  We all need something.  Fenn needs a hidden treasure to help him sell his next book to you dogs of the chase, and I need a green chilli cheese burger. 

Bring your truth of treasure here for all to share perhaps together we can chase more than our tails.  Really everyone anyone spill what you know or think.  I won’t let anyone bite.  I approved everything so far to be open and fair and here any idea gets respect for the effort.

Happy Hunting

To Much Fun to Quiet: A Fine Tooth Comb

Addictions come in many forms.  I should know as I worked in the field for years.  Reading the countries from where visitors dropped in, places like Indonesia, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and Mexico, just thrills me and lifts my spirits. Seems I am having issues about letting go of the blog so here I am again and I am here to have some fun.  That said, time to go back, look harder and find what I may have missed.  Visitors are welcome to point out things overlooked or add their own insights.

Standing at the Holy Tree of the Immaculate Impression my reasoning fogged with fatigued, my thoughts many days later now haunting me, did I miss something? Sure I looked around the area but not very long and not very hard. Here at the Shrine of Fenn wouldn’t one find at least a marker, a plaque proclaiming “Forrest was here”, perhaps a small carved Santos of His likeness honoring the Saint of the Treasures.  Mecca unveiled and yet no trumpets or golden glow harkening me as I approach. Instead the find  was unsanctimonious and frankly unsatisfying.  Why not some crumbs for us dogs of the chase? Where is the headstone complete with epitaph that reads he who snoozes loses or your fally  north of Santa Fe written in large gold covered letters a beacon, for deming minds or symbol to those on the hunt.  Where is the cheering crowd lining the finish line of this epic journey. Surely bodies of the meek and the weak hearted would be piled around, dead from the shock, after the fatal glance of fiery jewels and stupendous heaps of gold in a tiny box.

Silence and negative space nothing more waiting to greet those unlucky late comers who search for a one or two million dollar treasure, give or take a million or two.  The same silence one dumb struck retriever must suffer barely able to carry the heavy load wishing two trips were possible on the fuel of just one sandwich. How else could the smartest of the pack keep from bursting out in songs of great me-lisses. Not one word, not one little slip just treasure and finder, in the dark, far from others, locked behind light proof doors. knowing only two can keep a secret this big if one of the keepers is dead.

Where can a body be left alone long enough to join nature? Certainly not in the shadow of a  bear’s favorite tree unless essence of human smells unappetizing.  Climbing a tree could be the only way to avoid the animals and unsuspecting picnickers.  Lying down I did disappear from sight.  Becoming food for beast is not so bad and the bones would be left to find.  There was a second box imprint outside the tree fifty feet east.  This imprint only an inch or less deep. Was this where the lucky one stop to take a look inside the bronze jewelry box?  Could an animal dig such a shape?   How about a Boxconstrictor  a snake known by the Yellowstone natives to change their appearance to resemble treasure chests in hopes of devouring large treasure hunters or the infamous box footed one legged hopster known to hide inside rotting tree stumps.

Reading what others think of the clues has given me enough info to come up with this compilation.   Maybe if we stay open minded we can work on this and slowly work towards something more satisfying.

Start it at a campsite in the mountains north of Santa Fe make sure it offers warm showers       in brown painted bathrooms or the director of the site has a brown dog.  Preferably a dog named brown or a director named Brown.  From there rollerblade, run or drive toward the blazing sun or nearest forest fire stop when you see an ice chest made of wood.  Reach in under the ice grab the object on the bottom and while avoiding the ice monster pull item to the top, pop the top, sit back and get a real idea.  

Really,  look over the clues, what is out of place, what doesn’t fit or what fits better?  Lets get out the fine tooth comb and find another place to chase down the treasure.  Finally if you found it help us out.  Send some proof but don’t think just anyone will believe you and remember there are those who would deny the facts, even keep it from the public for their own plans to work.  It is harder to convince people that you have the treasure than it is to find it.  Lots of people say they found it but does anybody believe them and stranger still can you find their statements? I can not find much of anything on the subject other than one liners. As for this blog I put in bing and I get the Huffington post or dalniez blog the chase or other crazyy sites,  Whats with that?

Good luck you hounds of Baskerfenn I mean dogs of the Forrest Fenn,  bark up the right tree but leave the blazed bark for me as I will lumber by if you stick around in the wood.

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