Today Show Ever Near Could be the End

May 3rd Fenn gave his monthly clue to his treasure and April 18th or so he said to the best of his knowledge the treasure is still there.  June 5th and what will Forrest have to say? Don’t hold me to the aforementioned dates as I may be off a day or two.  My first question  is it out there given the chance to ask and how do you know, is question number two.  The new clue is useless if the  treasures found.

I responded to two  different treasure hunters in the Yellowstone Park.  My reply to their blog or comments give exact directions to what I think is the treasures hiding place.  When I was searching the  YNP I checked my computer daily for new clues.  Had anyone offered a place to look  I would have check it out.  This area is a short easy hike not more than 30 miles from where they reported looking.  It is the best place to see the animals, excellent fly fishing, beautiful scenery the Lamar Valley is a must see if your in the YNP.   No comments from these hunters,  They have a lot of good info and are active on but nothing coming out of YNP as of today.  I hope the troll didn’t get them.

Come on you would be millionaires let us come together demanding in ever growing numbers one ear shattering voice “What’s UP.”  Let the truth prevail.  Get the flash light and make a sandwich.  This time,  just once let the little guy get to the bottom of it all.  We all need something.  Fenn needs a hidden treasure to help him sell his next book to you dogs of the chase, and I need a green chilli cheese burger. 

Bring your truth of treasure here for all to share perhaps together we can chase more than our tails.  Really everyone anyone spill what you know or think.  I won’t let anyone bite.  I approved everything so far to be open and fair and here any idea gets respect for the effort.

Happy Hunting


Key to Forrest Fenn’s poem

This is the first of a set of answers to the poem that will lead to the very place that  Forrest selected for his treasure.  The poem has three rhyming lines per verse.  It is a triplet.  The main clues all refer to three things that identify  the place to find the treasure.

Brown is the key needed to put the clues together.  Only three verses are needed to find the treasure the other three verses just distract from the treasure’s location.

Here are the three references to the “key” Brown.  Arthur Brown is a famous artist who’s only surviving water color of Yellowstone is of Mammoth Hot Springs.  Gary A. Brown was a ranger and Assistant Director of  Yellowstone National Park and he grew up in a cabin on the Lamar River. The cabin is shown in National Geographic and titled the Brown home. It is now the Lamar Ranger Research Station.  The third reference is the Lamar Valley known by many rangers as Brown Valley for its many bears. If all goes well my next post will reveal which gate to enter to “Begin it.”