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“Winter is upon the Rockies from the Canadian border in the north to Santa Fe in the south, and the many lofty mountain tops that are jammed in-between. Most searchers have retired for the winter and are saving money for expeditions planned for spring when the mountain laurel will again bloom above 5,000. Others complain about the cold but continue searching favored locations. For those who are still active, please heed the rules that govern cold weather survival.

Some fireside researchers have ganged together on the blogs hoping to find flaws in my character that will miraculously lead them to the treasure. It is interesting also, that crazies continue to surface. I have emails from both police and doctors suggesting that I stay alert. Being Forrest Fenn is getting harder all the time, but it will continue to be fun as long as I have a tree to hide behind, maybe a tree with an f carved in its trunk.”  —  FF

Rarely would I reprint something that’s on another’s blog, but this is important and should be heeded. As for the following quote “Some fireside researchers have ganged together on the blogs hoping to find flaws in my character that will miraculously lead them to the treasure. It is interesting also, that crazies continue to surface….” I say Forrest Fenn has never shown me any reason to doubt his good intentions.  I do study Fenn, not for character flaws  but to watch for slips that give us hints to the way he thinks.  Let me be the first to say it is hard to be looked in the mouth after giving the treasure horse.  Unfortunately no good deed goes unpunished.  Those will get what they give.  Enough quotes.  Thanks for the warning Mr. Fenn and may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fenn’s Treasure Box and the Immaculate Impression: A Clue Both Old and New

To understand this post become familiar with earlier posts of hunts in the Lamar Valley.  The impression in a hollowed tree convinced me I had found where the treasure was hidden.  Only now have I concluded that it is not the imprint of the fabled treasure.  The print was perfectly smooth with a flat bottom.  I now believe the roman chest would leave a different  print than the one I found.

Another place now has my attention but I am not looking to get hyperthermic so I will wait till summer is here once again.  This place is at least worth looking into and at best the most supported site (by the poem) I have come to find. So how do I share this new revelation and still be the first one there?  Well, I’ll give out the ideas  that lead me to this new site but the site itself will remain unwritten.

There our blogs that for me were too far out to consider but  the truth may be in the world of the metaphysical.  Women on the top and sides of the box does point out a possible place when combined with some of the strangest tells of losing your sole if you open the chest.  The bronze box is also a hint.  A Ranger’s claim about a trail going behind high waters really tweaked my interest.  How the poem maps out a way to the treasure is very important.  If followed the clues will lead to the treasure but  this doesn’t mean the clues are linear.  Forrest says follow the clues in order but that does’t mean the clues take the reader in a linear route.  Example would be the clue put in below the home of Brown.  You may not need to go by the Home of Brown to put in below the home of Brown.  I think the Home of Brown is an area not a spot on the map. Forrest says he made the poem like an architect would, maybe he built the poem around the chest not to the chest. ” Begin it here warm waters halt”  but don’t walk from there, you walk from the blaze quickly down.  Maybe the blaze is a trail that leads to the last two clues.  Maybe to begin it refers to an area as does the clue home of Brown.  The ideas I have shared took me to the place I will explore next.  I have included these ideas in hopes of warming a vary cold place.

How about your trail any comments are like wood on the fire so warm our winter months with a word or two.

Season Ending For Forrest Fenn’s Treasure and Today Show?

Winter is knocking, snow is falling and it is cold out there.  Cold too are the clues we hoped for on the Today Show.  The treasure is safe and under a white blanket so it is time for reflection.  Not much new info on the blogs as I can tell, so I thought I would put out some new ideas to kick around.  First a few questions: Why has the Today Show stopped airing the monthly clues?  How can Fenn be sure the treasure will be waiting for us in the spring? Does Fenn’s statement about the treasure (saying it was not buried) mean anything?

Okay, here is some info you may be able to use.  There is an old road from Mammoth Springs to Gardiner.  This road may be hiked and at times auto travel is also allowed.  The road is seldom used and mostly unknown to visitors of the Park.  There are a number of clues in that area, and it could be passed by on the way down the canyon.  Joe Brown lived in Gardiner with his wife. He also lived in Cinnabar just north of Gardiner and mined just south in Bear Gulch.  Uncle Joe also lived in Cooke City outside the north east gate of the Yellowstone. This is the gate closest to Cody Wy. and Cody is frequented by Forrest.  Now for you history and art buffs, keep in mind that the poem has many references to people’s names and places. For instance, the Wise River off the Madison, not far from Firehole;  Brown who painted the Mammoth Springs, and Ranger Brown of the Yellowstone.  There it is, some old and some new ideas.  I have three new places to look and one is closer to Mammoth than it is to the home of Brown but it fits with Warm Springs up at Silver Gate. I feel Forrest took a drive in the fall after attending a meeting in Cody.  He went into the Yellowstone and hid the treasure within 500 ft of the highway , and got back in time for lunch with his wife in Cody.  Am I sure of this? No, but that’s my intuitive side being expressed.

I wonder why bloggers who follow my blog are not making comments here, on this blog?  If there ever was something that I have written to offend please let me know and I’ll make amends.  Finally, I would like to team up with those looking in the Yellowstone.  I believe it is near or in the Park.

Please, someone start a blaze and warm up our winter. Give us something new to get excited about.

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