Prize for best Forrest Fenn Poem interpretation

Looking over the latest news on Forrest’s treasure I am left unsatisfied.  There’s very little about the poem itself.  Forrest says the poem is built by an architect.  There is something important in the way it is written. “Every word is there for a reason. All you need is the poem.”  Many of the hunters have got the first two clues but Forrest says, then they go pass the next clues and miss the treasure.  I think they drive past it but they get within 500 ft. of the the treasure.  Those that do get close must have used the first two clues in the wright way.  So what are the first two clues?  How do these  two clues get hunters so close.  The area is huge but these two clues must identify an area unlike anywhere else.  

I have noticed the info here is spread about the internet.  My site has been used in many hunter sites and I say great.  Use whatever you like.  I would like the others to leave comments but too few are being left.  Ok, can anyone tell me why this site is on the no comment list.  

Here is an offer, explain how the first two clues refer to an area close to the treasure.   Place your comment on this post and a team of three will vote on the clue they think is most plausible.  The winner will receive $50.  Really $50 will be given to who ever offers the best explanation.  Here’s the rules :  The decision of the three judges is final; only after 10 or more comments will there be a decision; only comments of marett will be considered.   So go for it I will give away the prize.       

Forrest Fenn Reveals Clues To His Treasure

Attending the book signing of Forrest’s new book was more eventful than I expected.  I had the opportunity to meet Forrest, thank him for the adventure  and clear up some questions I had.  Forrest and two other renowned authors sat in front of a full house to talk and answer a few questions.  I enjoyed using NLP techniques  as I watched for a clue to come to the surface that had not been filtered by the conscience mind of Forrest.  First the clues Major Fenn did know he gave:

1.  It is below 20,000 feet.

2.  It is not on a mountain top.

3. There is one clue in his new book.

Now the clues or clue he did not mean to give.  Fenn said he did not put a clue in the book on purpose but  a lady who helped him produce the book pointed out a clue he did put in the book.  Here is the unspoken meaning behind that statement; This lady knows enough to know a clue  how would this lady point out  a clue if only Fenn knows the location of the treasure?   Let’s hear some comments on this.  Fenn agrees it  is a clue but how would she know?

Fenn shows his wit  by misdirecting the audience’s attention to the cover pictures.  Dal’s shadow is on the cover with a background of Forrest’s favorite bathing hole somewhere in Montana along side the Madison river.  Later he talks about the larger background on the cover saying it came from another spot on the same river.  BUT he never said they were the clue in the book.  Earlier it was a clue – one clue- in the book and the bait and switch was talking about the cover outside the book (cover)  of two not one picture outside the cover.  This is the challenge, knowing what is a distraction and what is a solid clue.

Now, here is the unfiltered clue he gave without much thought.  He responded to the question would you take me to the treasure (in jest) he answered do you have a plane.  Need a plane to go an hour or two in New Mexico?  Maybe but a plane suggest more than a short drive and also suggest an airport near by the treasure.  Just how near an airport is still a mystery but it is his vehicle of choice to go to the area.

Ok,  your turn, what do you think?  Anything pro or con is welcome.

Last thought Forrest is either ambidextrous or left handed.  I say he is left handed but learned to use his right hand early.  He uses his left hand to hold a glass.  This may not be important but as a lefty it can make a lot of small differences.

Forrest Fenn to be at book signing Of New Book

Forrest will be at A bookstore in Santa Fe  Oct. 22,  Tuesday, to sign his new book “To Far to walk.”  There will be a crowd so go early if you hope to get in to see the author.  Write some questions you would like Fenn to answer in the comments and if  I get a chance I will try to ask them when I see him.

In the earlier post I said it was all quiet but I was wrong.  I am sorry that I had missed the release date of his book in late Sept.

Anyway I was wrong and I hope that this post will help Fenn in some small way to make up for it.  The post should have read the silence is broken.  The new book may not have any more clues to the treasure but  after thumbing through it my interest was peaked.

I’ll be the guy who looks like a Capt. Pappy at the signing  so if you are a visitor and can get there say hello.

The weather may close treasure hunting soon so share your last minute expeditions with the rest of us if you wish.  For visitors new to the site I suggest you go back to the beginning as there is a lot of useful information for the would be hunter.  Leave a comment  and let’s get the ball rolling.  Happy Sailing

Heres a thought  Start it where warm waters halt, well the Warm Springs waters stop in Ice Box Canyon just miles up stream from the home of Brown.  Want to know more leave a comment.

All is quiet on the Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt

Revisiting my blog I see I have had over ten thousand visits.  Wow for me that is a lot of visits.  I decided to add something new for my visitors to read, but all is quiet.  I was expecting Forrest new book to be out but where is it?  I truly pray Forrest is in good health.  No clues every month on the today show and nothing new on the web.  Maybe Finn got too much attention.

With no new news why don’t we start up some news ourselves.  I’d like to try something new myself.  I think it would be fun to let the readers make their own new news.  How about a last shot before the weather makes it hard or impossible to look till next year?

I’ll start with the questions and you the reader supplies the answers.  What do you say.  No  answer is wrong so use your imagination.  this year so many of us thought we knew where the treasure was but it would seem we didn’t do as well as we hoped.  So let us lighten up a bit and share some of our thoughts.

Here our some questions to stimulate the discussion.  After all sometimes the right question is needed to get to the right answer.

1.  Has the treasure been found?

2.  Is Yellowstone too restricted to safely hide a treasure?

3. When warm waters halt is it then ice?

4. Would Forrest need to have his treasure close by to insure he could get to it  in a close to death situation?

5. Could the treasure be in the open surrounded by trees?

6. How could a person let us know they found the treasure anonymously?

7. Why hasn’t there been any new news?

8. Why is the treasure so hard to find?

Leave your thoughts and questions on the comments.

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