Prize for best Forrest Fenn Poem interpretation

Looking over the latest news on Forrest’s treasure I am left unsatisfied.  There’s very little about the poem itself.  Forrest says the poem is built by an architect.  There is something important in the way it is written. “Every word is there for a reason. All you need is the poem.”  Many of the hunters have got the first two clues but Forrest says, then they go pass the next clues and miss the treasure.  I think they drive past it but they get within 500 ft. of the the treasure.  Those that do get close must have used the first two clues in the wright way.  So what are the first two clues?  How do these  two clues get hunters so close.  The area is huge but these two clues must identify an area unlike anywhere else.  

I have noticed the info here is spread about the internet.  My site has been used in many hunter sites and I say great.  Use whatever you like.  I would like the others to leave comments but too few are being left.  Ok, can anyone tell me why this site is on the no comment list.  

Here is an offer, explain how the first two clues refer to an area close to the treasure.   Place your comment on this post and a team of three will vote on the clue they think is most plausible.  The winner will receive $50.  Really $50 will be given to who ever offers the best explanation.  Here’s the rules :  The decision of the three judges is final; only after 10 or more comments will there be a decision; only comments of marett will be considered.   So go for it I will give away the prize.       

Author: captpappy

Teacher, counselor, therapist, coach and a treasure hunter with 40 years of teaching and coaching people from kindergarten to sports professionals. Helping people achieve their goals is what I do. I taught K-12 and university level in Physical Education, Biology, life skills, and transitions. I have a Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration and worked with families, adolescents, and chemically dependent groups. Treasure hunting is my new passion for the last eight years.

23 thoughts on “Prize for best Forrest Fenn Poem interpretation”

  1. Beginning where warm waters halt, one has to think in all 3 dimensions. The phrase ‘Where Warm Waters Halt’ refers to a famous pair of waterfalls, Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls. The waters halt their rapid downward descent at the bottom. If the waters are cold (frozen), they don’t flow at all.

    ‘Take it in the canyon down’ means to head down The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. As a bonus, the distance is less than 50 miles downstream. If your brother abandoned you shoeless between Capser and Shoshoni, you would think 50 miles was too far to walk.


    1. Wow! We’re off and running. Great start and a very interesting interpretation. Can anyone offer one better? Brian gives us a level to be bested. Thank you Brian for stepping up. Good luck.


      1. I did one honest to goodness search in Yellowstone on a seldom used trail by myself. I encountered two black bear to make the chase quite a thrill. Fortunately they paid no attention to me. I still believe Yellowstone is the starting point of this poem. My search did teach me that I have to converge on a very specific target, otherwise the search area is far too vast. I wish more people would contribute an entry in this contest….this may be my best chance.


      2. I looked through the poem for fun one night, but have not looked back in a while. The treasure is sunken in water at the bottom of a pool below a waterfall off of one of the trails. Start with that and work backwards near canyons and warm springs and that will greatly narrow the search.


  2. Warm waters halt is top of bath tub.not far but too far to walx.u cant walk on water.below home of brown is where the brown trout lives water.take it in the canyon down no paddle up ur creek.its a wood tub made by canyon hear me all and listen good my secret bathing spot my mother used to bathe me in a tub,and i took bathes .at the RR for 50 father died in the bathroom my guess a warm bath is the way he went out.thats why it is cold now hes dead now.its all about his father and his child hood memories.i could go on but im about to take in a bath,and i dont want the water to get cold,and i want my 50 in GOLD.


  3. forrest has away of saying things and it doesnt seem like much at times but hes telling you just like it me im a master of his language its called the truth.he is also highly intelligent and he enjoys playing with our minds,and lets dont forget to mention its proably one of the greatest poems euer written.anyway Mr fenn doesnt need me or anyone else to validate his self worth,and from what ive read it wouldnt be worth 50cents if it wasnt for his family.ive loved every minute ive spent researching all the places it took me.WOW U CANT IMAGINE THE HOURS IVE SPENT.iue also spoke with fenn several times on the phone.short and brief.anyway kudos to forrest fenn and thats all i have to say about that.Bama Boy


  4. The first clue is begin it where warm water halts. the 2nd clue is take it in the canyon down. so if you have taken a bath in the last week you just covered the 1st and the 2nd clue.
    now as far as the 500 feet deal forrest was having a party at his house when he said that and the people he was telling that were at the party were actually the ones within 500 feet of the treasure and thats typical forrest fenn language.and this will be proven but only after his departure.and one more thing that you said only the plausable theories will be considered.yall people kill me.this aint about no treasure.or ur measly 50 bucks.
    forrest is very intelligent but unfortually for him his greatest strength is his biggest flaw,and when u understand that its like taking candy from a baby,and he knows it.what makes u and ur judges experts on plausiable theories when it comes to forrest.come up with the right answer to that and i will pay yall a millon dollars. bama boy..


    1. We now have two entries and both are interesting interpretations of the first two clues. I am glad not to be the one to decide who’s is the better cipher. The judges are NOT experts they’re just people who will do their best to pick a winner. I am putting up the $50 just to get people sharing. I believe the box is hard to find even with the best clues. The box is small and the color is one to blind into the surroundings. Somewhere I read that Fenn said …. I didn’t say it was barried and I didn’t say it wasn’t barried…. That may not be correct but if it is barried no one is going to find it clues or no clues. The problem is narrowing down the thousands of posibilities served up by Forrest. Thinking like he does takes a mind reader. He says don’t over think it, With that in mind it is down the canyon from halted warm water down from Brown where a blaze marks a cold area in the Rocky Mountains and I’m sure it is there. Ha Ha. Anyway thanks for the comments and good luck on your hunt. Oh, keep coming back and feel free to add your own ideas. $50 isn’t much but it will buy a nice diner anywhere north of Sante Fe and I am on a tight budget as I plan my next trip to search for treasure.


  5. Well Capt, I don’t know why folks don’t comment on your site; you seem like a nice enough fella……and don’t mind actually discussing the poem.

    One of my favorite sayings is “The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it”……….So I have many scenarios or trains of thought about the poem……..In other words I’m probably lost as a goose.

    Anyway, to answer your question about how the first two clues could be so close to the treasure consider this hair ball scenario. All of the clues are close to the treasure. This would fit with his quote from T. S. Eliot:

    We shall not cease from our exploration
    And at the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time

    When talking about the first two clues he said they solved the first two then went right past the others………One could construe from that statement that all of the clues are right there…..but they missed them.

    This would also fit with his statement during the useless clue debacle. He said, “If a clue will not directly help you locate the treasure it is useless.”

    So one could surmise all of the clues are in close proximity; for example on the side of a cliff face, everything is right there; the poem, the blaze, and the chest.

    Another example; It is buried beneath the blaze on a pull-out along a road that overlooks the whole poem?…….A special place to Fenn.

    There you go………At the risk of sounding audacious, should I win your contest I would like you to send the 50 bucks to the Wounded Warriors.


  6. So, you really putting together a panel and looking at submissions? How many do you have? When, where ? Perhaps a deadline… either ten by March 1st or forget it?? Are the submissions private? After all, I don’t want to give away my amazing insights 😉 Maybe I can be ON the panel!


  7. I think where warm waters halt refers to Soda Butte creek. He Asus that the places where the same when he was a kid but not all of the clues. Soda Butte used to be prolific and now it’s all but stopped (halted). He says, that the geography may not be the same in the next millennia. Of course it could become prolific again. Now, for take it in the canyon down, I’m considering Ice Box Canyon for 2 reasons. One be says it will be worth the cold. .. Ice box canyon is cold year round. Ice remains on the rocks year round although other locations get warm during summer. This is because the sun doesn’t hit all of the canyon. This might also be a good reason to bring a flashlight. Of course these areas are I believe below the Home of Brown, being the Lamar Ranger Station. More research on the area is needed before I can feel certain of this area, but for now this is my interpretation.


    1. Kristi, thank you for your inquiry. I have been hibernating for about two months. I have been waiting for the weather to settle. I do not believe the treasure is in Colorado.
      I have been out there searching this year. I thought Fenn hid the treasure in Bear Gulch Creek below Joe Brown’s gold claim. I wrote a complete story of my experience, photos included. After that exploratory trip in April I left for Yankton South Dakota to wait out the “high water.” Getting into the claim is not easy. I do not think Forrest could get in there now that I have gone there myself.
      It is hard to put the blog out there after it seems irrelevant.
      I returned in May by way of Cody Wy.. The Shoshone River above Coulter’s Hell is extremely interesting as is the History. Coulter was in the Yellowstone but his descriptions of hot springs is probably not those in the park but the ones near Cody.
      I can not put out the info I have already written as I now believe I have solved the poem. The only piece I have to workout is the “in the wood.” That means I believe I have figured out the Blaze. This is an exciting time and I will let you in on what was a secrete. I will soon put up or shut up. If I am not able to follow up I will put my best solve on my blog and the readers can make up their own minds. I have not sent Fenn pictures of the Browns I caught in Hayden lake nor have I sent him hints that could convince him I am close. I said I would get a rise out of Forrest back in April so I am suspect as I didn’t follow up with my new blog. I have written the blog but cannot let out its contents, everyone following will soon be in on good story and will understand why I have remained silent.


      1. I am interested in this from the puzzle Pov. The prize is nice, but I do not see me flying from the East coast to look. I have a good idea where the treasure is , but do not want to post it. I will email my description if you want it.


  8. Well it’s April 7th 2016 and I have been on the chase since March 3rd 2013. I noticed in the first comment on this page that the term ‘area’ was mentioned. All the solves I have seen that searchers have shared have themselves moving from 1 point too another. Example of Stanza 2: Begin it WTWWH ( a place), take it in the canyon down ( physically get in the car and drive), for a distance and then stop, get out of the car below the home of Brown and look around for a blaze. I call this directions in the form of a road map; start here, take the road for x miles and stop at a specific spot. Now lets look at how to read this stanza as describing an area or place. Begin it WTWWH (a place or thing) and take it in the canyon down (movement), not far but too far to walk (distance), put in below the home of Brown (stop). Starting with the first line, places don’t move but things do. And the last line with ‘put in’ can mean to start or stop. In this case our thing is already moving whereas ‘put in’ means to stop. So we have something that moves a distance and then stops. Here is my theory for the second stanza: Begin it where the warm waters halt (freeze), And take it (the path of least resistance) into the canyon down, Not far but too far to walk (a distance), Put in (stopping) below the home of Brown (Mt. Brown). This is what glaciers do and [where] by mentioning a specific mountain. When you find Mt. Brown you will see that this only happens in one place. Good luck in the search.


    1. Wow! Love the new perceptions. One of the best ideas in a long time. Mt. Brown has been mentioned before and you maybe on the right track. This is my sixth year coming up. I have been considering a new area myself. This contest never got much attention and it still needs a few more entrees but your ideas are unique and contain logic. Thanks.


  9. I started yesterday. Begin at Cold Water Springs, Colorado. Follow the canyon down, Golden Gate Canyon, too far to walk to Lair O’ The Bear Park. (home of Brown). Put in at Bear Creek. Follow to Devil’s Gulch. (not for the meek). Follow the creek nigh, or to the left until the blaze. (Red Rock Vista). See the blaze? (white rock formation in the form of a horse’s blaze on his face). Look down, there it is. I’m on my way there from OKC.


    1. Randall I need to look into you solve. It maybe the best one presented. Seems to have it all. I have been away from this blog too long as this go by me. I will respect this as the best solve after I check into it. If it checks out to the judges I wil sent you the prize of $50. I am not the final say it is a few neutral Boise Think Tank judges that will decide what to do.


  10. You must first accept that the first Clue is THE THRILL OF THE CHASE and then ask yourself what Chase?
    I don’t want Your Money I’m just board and felling a little generous.
    Remember: It Is The Expectation Of The Search That Drives The Searcher so learn to Expect what is to be expected and accept it with open arms and you will go far.


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