Forrest Fenn Reveals Clues To His Treasure

Attending the book signing of Forrest’s new book was more eventful than I expected.  I had the opportunity to meet Forrest, thank him for the adventure  and clear up some questions I had.  Forrest and two other renowned authors sat in front of a full house to talk and answer a few questions.  I enjoyed using NLP techniques  as I watched for a clue to come to the surface that had not been filtered by the conscience mind of Forrest.  First the clues Major Fenn did know he gave:

1.  It is below 20,000 feet.

2.  It is not on a mountain top.

3. There is one clue in his new book.

Now the clues or clue he did not mean to give.  Fenn said he did not put a clue in the book on purpose but  a lady who helped him produce the book pointed out a clue he did put in the book.  Here is the unspoken meaning behind that statement; This lady knows enough to know a clue  how would this lady point out  a clue if only Fenn knows the location of the treasure?   Let’s hear some comments on this.  Fenn agrees it  is a clue but how would she know?

Fenn shows his wit  by misdirecting the audience’s attention to the cover pictures.  Dal’s shadow is on the cover with a background of Forrest’s favorite bathing hole somewhere in Montana along side the Madison river.  Later he talks about the larger background on the cover saying it came from another spot on the same river.  BUT he never said they were the clue in the book.  Earlier it was a clue – one clue- in the book and the bait and switch was talking about the cover outside the book (cover)  of two not one picture outside the cover.  This is the challenge, knowing what is a distraction and what is a solid clue.

Now, here is the unfiltered clue he gave without much thought.  He responded to the question would you take me to the treasure (in jest) he answered do you have a plane.  Need a plane to go an hour or two in New Mexico?  Maybe but a plane suggest more than a short drive and also suggest an airport near by the treasure.  Just how near an airport is still a mystery but it is his vehicle of choice to go to the area.

Ok,  your turn, what do you think?  Anything pro or con is welcome.

Last thought Forrest is either ambidextrous or left handed.  I say he is left handed but learned to use his right hand early.  He uses his left hand to hold a glass.  This may not be important but as a lefty it can make a lot of small differences.

Author: captpappy

Teacher, counselor, therapist, coach and a treasure hunter with 40 years of teaching and coaching people from kindergarten to sports professionals. Helping people achieve their goals is what I do. I taught K-12 and university level in Physical Education, Biology, life skills, and transitions. I have a Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration and worked with families, adolescents, and chemically dependent groups. Treasure hunting is my new passion for the last eight years.

19 thoughts on “Forrest Fenn Reveals Clues To His Treasure”

  1. The Clue in his new book is that the treasure is not in Canada. He mentions why in his latest interview/book signing.

    You’ll noticed in his new book that Canada is cut off. This was done by mistake.


  2. when forrest asked u if you have a plane.did u answer him?No u didnt,but ifu wouldve said u get where im going with this?
    forrest is a genius i will give him that,but if u think im wrong im sure we can get u a plane and then forrest will take u right to the treasure if youre theory is right,but its not.because he knew u didnt have a plane and that was his way of telling u No.


  3. his secret bathiog spot,took a bath in a tin tub as a kid,and paid 50cents at the RR to bathe his dad passed away in the betting in a warm bath wood be my choice also.too far to walk.thats cause u cant walk on water.below home of brown.water is brown trouts home.its a wooden tub made by canyon creek.take it in the all leads back to his boy hood memories and his fathers death.he said so hear me all and listen good so i did and he tells u everything.WHERES THAT TUB AT FORREST?i dont want ur treasure.just tell them im right. BAMA BOY


    1. where have you read or hear forrest say his favorite place to bath was at RR?? is that restroom railroad or what.. ur theories are good but they are theories, my theories are also good


    2. Check out his lodge/hotel in West Yellowstone. It has hot tub or triangular bath tub with brown door, so may be inside where the pipes go. 😉 That is the place one goes alone with his treasures bold ( humor intended) and keep his sick rat there with hints of riches ( expensive medical devices on his body) new and old.
      The poem can be glorifiingly decoded or downgradingly decoded, it goes eather way. 😉

      My poem’s wade
      It’s rubber made.
      In shiny leather
      It’s put together.


    1. the more info that gets spread the faster the treasure will be found.. an he was speaking the truth a secret can only be kept if one person is dead, i believe his secret fishing hole may have only been shared with his dad.. an i believe i know where it is.. ive been there, there are more fish then water an that is all ill say, but i wont stop with just one theory i have 5 or 6 really good places to look within 300 to 400 mile from eachother.. i think people are thinkin way to far out the box this country is big when it comes to geographical landscaping for a ten by ten box only five inches high.. but a small country when it comes to knowing someone or spreading info.. ive only been researching for a month an im excited, its deff worth the thrill of the chase. plus ive learnt alot about or countries history that im not to proud of.. what we did to the indians was horrific an it disgusts me, when he says it will be worth the cold he is talking about the box not the air or water temp but its not that the box is cold but ur hands are


  4. Do your research on marvin fenn.principle of temple,tx high school.forrest is indiana jones stephen speilburg based the characters in the movie on forrest and his father but since he has been a person of interest by the FBi for over 20 years as a grave robber to which he admits in the poem.he didnt take any would have been anadmission of will come to light after his death.count on it.bama boy


  5. The original poem said just leave my bones and taxe the chest and go in peace.and so why must i go and leave my trove for all to seek the answers i already know.IVE DONE IT TIRED NOW IM WEAK.he not only admits to robbing graves hes turning you into a grave robber also if u find the treasure which you wont,but its pretty funny to me.bama boy


  6. i know marvin fenn took about 50 sleeping pills and died before forrest could get there,and he was in the bathroom.if he did indeed take in a warm bath and just relax and go in peace,and i believe he did.forrest is following in his fathers footsteps.hence the letters is a wonderful thing,but forrest has messed everything up not by living,but robbing from hiself the peace he wanted the whole time,but i am only speculating,and giving my opinion,but if im right that will make me the best damn treasure hunter in the world,and all i want is the first arrowhead forrest found when he was 9 years old.the same age as me when i found my first arrowhead which is hanging on my wall to this very day.god bless and good luck.Bama Boy


  7. OK,,, I can’t help it, I just have to put my two cents in. Hope this doesn’t bite me in the ASSSKING FOR IT SPOT, but has it ever occurred to any of you out there that by studying the character of the man and his profession AND THE COTTON PICKING MAP beside the poem that you might see something of interest ?

    First , does it not strike you odd that his wife and daughters are not bent out of shape over his endeavor ? must be a reason ! It’s on Page 125.
    1. It isn’t as important as to what he says, but more importantly as to what he doesn’t say….. He says North of Santa fe but he doesn’t say Santa fe ( CITY )
    he say’s Home of Brown . Brown what ? snake, spider, bear, home, man etc….
    First paragraph of the poem should give you TWO words that correlate with the picture to the right. SEE IT ??? It is BOLD and HINT. Definitions on Bold and Hint ? Look at the effort to which he went through to create that effect. map obscure ( Hint ) and gold very clear and cleverly placed. ( Bold ) .
    Now what do you find interesting of the gold on the map ? It is shaped like a man with a backpack , pointing to a location on the map and a box behind him. I will venture to say that I know the approximate location but will only be able to prove it come spring. Listen !!! pay attention to what he says , he likes to embellish, and on page 26 , line 2 he says , it is always good to tell the truth but not always good to tell ALL of the truth. Half truths mean half lie. ….. he says north of santa fe ??? There is a santa fe street at the border below las cruces new mexico which puts the little mans hand ,,,,, you guessed it …… Carrizozo nm areas.. I have found a whole lot more if interested but don’t expect me to cut my own throat but I would bet that if Mr. Fenn read my findings, he would get a little nervous if he really doesn’t want his gold found. I am HOT ON HIS HEELS. I hope that he really doesn’t practice HALF TRUTHS and Ruins his reputation that he has created and go down in history as a liar but human nature regardless of how good that person maybe, is deceptive when high value is at stake and the cost of honor is to high a price to pay for a game. The valley of fire is a place where things can last for thousands and one can read success under the mile MARKER STONE ,,, hint hint.
    P.S. has it ever occurred to you that he is a man who loves archaeology and what do they DO??? They dig up and preserve. Now imagine him taking a box worth thousands and is of great age and filling it full of gold and artifacts and things and the PUTTING IT INTO A RIVER that destroys with spring runoff and that moves much larger boulders or covers things with gravel and dirt ?? REALLY ??
    Where is the intelligence there ! HHMMMPPPFFF unbelievable powers of deduction hahaha. I have spoken with Mr. Fenn on the phone about 4 or 5 times and regardless of the gold, he is a man that when his time comes will bring a great loss to ALL OF US. he is worth more than all of that gold be assured.


  8. I like your spirit and ability to think outside to box. Even tho you are in the wrong spot and are far from a solve im looking for experience in the field as i am still young , I could use an experienced guide. you cant go aimlessly looking, the path is very clear . Email me if you have field experience, if not no prob, i cant find any legit hunters and i cant risk taking a trek alone and get myself killed , Most of the ppl i ask are kids


  9. To enter the mind and find the key to where his treasure is hid. A clever mind with words allows you to embrace, The thrill of the chase. You will find treasure where ever you go it may not be in a box. But if you find the box be told, your bounty is the gold. As for me I’m on the hunt, for the dream of bold. But if found, I think of the danger, Where I should keep the gold. J B


  10. I am puzzled by they clues.
    1-riches new and old- New his treasure-Old tales of the lost Dutchman mine?
    2-warm waters halt- a spot near Yellowstone were hot springs meet cold water?
    3-too far to walk alone in their- possibly a cave?
    4-The home of brown- a brown bear?
    5-creek without a paddle and heavy loads on high- near a creek and his gun is loaded with heavy ammo 357?? 45??
    6-no place for the meek and listen all and listen good- possibly a very quiet place?? — a cave?/ listen for wild life
    7-tarry scant and marvel gaze- bear droppings on the floor and a big cavern with stalagmites?
    8-brave and in the wood- be brave you dont know whats around? in wood-I stumped maybe meaning its in a wood box?
    9-the blaze.- either a rock carving, or a trail blaze.marker.

    so with all the above, I feel this, its near a creek were cold and hot water mix, its in a cave that bears might use to hibernate in the winter, with vast caverns with spectacular views. and a blze marks the entracne or very near the entrance. hope this helps..



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