Fenn’s in the wood

The 5th verse says if you are “in the wood.” The three references to the wood are: the three woods in the valley below Brown, the wood being the last set of trees before the canyon, and “in the wood” as the hollowed out tree that is the furthest down stream.  The triple references to “look down quickly” come when you look down at the tree, then down inside the tree that is down from the others.  And, then you are looking in the hollow where Fenn placed the treasure!

And so you may ask why am I giving away the treasure’s location?  To paraphrase what Fenn said, “been there, done that.”

Author: captpappy

Teacher, counselor, therapist, coach and a treasure hunter with 40 years of teaching and coaching people from kindergarten to sports professionals. Helping people achieve their goals is what I do. I taught K-12 and university level in Physical Education, Biology, life skills, and transitions. I have a Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration and worked with families, adolescents, and chemically dependent groups. Treasure hunting is my new passion for the last eight years.

17 thoughts on “Fenn’s in the wood”

    1. Look at part 3 the blaze. They are on US212 in the valley south west of the Lamar Ranger Research Station. The turn out about 1/2 mile west of the Ranger Station is where to put in then you will see them and where to walk.


      1. Can you be more specific? What exactly did you find? and/or why do you say that you were 1st or 2nd?


      2. If I say I was first then I could be breaking the law. Remember it would be the property of Yellowstone. If I was second something would have been there that would not be there after my visit. This could be an imprint of the box or a note etc.. Fenn was given a picture history and since then there has been no comments coming from him or his blog site about the treasure. The last one was about April 18. He got my info shortly after that but will not contact me for comment. I have also given the entire story to the local news tied to the Today Show. Gadi is a reporter at KOB TV and has reported on the treasure over the last few years. After three weeks and a hand delivered packet he has made no effort to contact me. Let me answer you this way the few who could end the debate are not talking.


      3. If I were to be more specific I could be admitting to breaking the law. I am saying it is gone. I gave the info and picture history to Fenn but he has not talk to me or anyone in the news nor have there been any statements as to the treasure’s status


  1. CAPTPAPPY, Great research and nice find. Congratulations!!! Any suspicion as to why they (Fenn or the media) will not contact you? Have you thought of contacting any other media outlets? Is there anything in the chest that implies Fenn’s transfer of ownership?


    1. Thank you and yes I have thought of other outlets. Thanks to you and others it seems I am finding one. I wish good things to all involved in the chase. Maybe it is meant to stay out there in our imaginations. It does seem strange however that to date Fenn nor the media care to communicate. So you be the judge.


    2. Victor, the question was well thought out. I was second all I saw was an imprint of a box inside a tree with a hollow at root level. Someone says (I believe this person) Forrest Fenn Said it is surrounded by woods so it is surrounded by wood and woods. This woods thing does seem to exclude the hole at the bottom of the tree. The chest would be in the elements but not sitting under the full sky. Maybe it is around that tree some where but what made that box shape?


  2. Seems a little anticlimactic putting under a random cottonwood. Forrest was willing to die at the location because it was special. How are those cottonwoods special to him?


    1. The woods are in the middle of Lamar Valley. It is an Island in the Lamar River a fantastic fly fishing river in the Yellowstone. Fenn was a fishing guide and took people here. He fish this river when he was young. The view from this tree is beautiful. Here you are surround by buffalo, wolves, bear and many birds, ducks and geese. I rested here for about an hour myself. Also the tree is the only one I’ve seen hollowed out at the bottom. A perfect place to hide a small chest. Lastly winter hides this hollow for most the year and when the bears are around no ones going to chance going there. I do wonder how he planned to hide his body. Maybe I missed something. I hope I did for all of us hunters. Thanks for the comment its is a good one.


  3. Pappy…you and I seem to be focusing on the same area, and, I’d guess, for many of the same reasons. After reading a couple of your blogs, we have likely just missed each other a couple of times, or maybe had a bison burger right next to each other and not been aware. When I first came across the treasure hunt in Mar of 2013, I remember researching cottonwoods, but don’t remember why. Shortly after, the blogs erupted about the carvings on the aspens in his yard that FF posted and I never saw any mention again of cottonwoods. I may have stumbled across a possible reason for the reference, and in researching the original mention of cottonwoods I came across this blog of yours…do you remember why we were all agog for them back then?


    MSG(R) PWM


    1. Paul sorry I am late to getting back to blog but much has been going on and I have not been keeping up. Anyway thanks for your comments. Ok here is the reason I got into cottonwoods. If you look back to my first blog you will read where I first thought the treasure was placed. I thought I was the second one to look into a hollowed out cottonwood on the Lamar river in the Yellowstone. In the fall cottonwoods become ablaze with reds and yellows. These trees are sometimes referred to as ablaze so I have often thought that the blaze is a cottonwood but presently I feel the blaze is not a tree. please say hello if you see me as I will be back for my annual elk burger (WAY JUICIER THAN BISON) in Gardener, then you’ll be hooked. I wear a blue greek navy hat and look like an old sailor. Hope to see you out there.


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