Part two of the poem’s meaning and treasure’s location

The place to “begin it” is not far from the northeast gate of YNP.  Capt. Kidd hung out on Gardener Island but if he were in Gardener he could go into YNP any day of the year.  Those who have read Fenn’s book will know about his “Captain Kidd” dream.  Silver Gate is near Warm Springs and close to Soda Butte.  The sign at Soda Butte describes how Soda Butte was once prolific but now has all but stopped– “Where warm waters halt.”  On the first page I pointed out that each clue has three references.  Here are the three for the starting point:  Mammoth Hot Springs, Warm Springs and Soda Butte.  Soda Butte is “far but too far to walk ” from the home of Brown (the Lamar Ranger Station.)  Next time I will reveal the “blaze.”

Author: captpappy

Teacher, counselor, therapist, coach and a treasure hunter with 40 years of teaching and coaching people from kindergarten to sports professionals. Helping people achieve their goals is what I do. I taught K-12 and university level in Physical Education, Biology, life skills, and transitions. I have a Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration and worked with families, adolescents, and chemically dependent groups. Treasure hunting is my new passion for the last eight years.

8 thoughts on “Part two of the poem’s meaning and treasure’s location”

  1. Great work Captain. I think the NE entrance might be a bit of a stretch for Forrest’s family drive since it opens very late and the easier route would have been the East entrance from Cody. Then again, Forrest might have done a lot up there in the later years after he started working as a fishing guide.


    1. Becky Thanks for your reply. You are correct Gardener’s Island is in New York. Fenn refers to Gardener Island in a dream about looking for Capt Kidd’s treasure. This is one of his subtle hints in his book. East Hampton is not in the Rocky Mountains so the treasure is not in that Gardener. He is referring to Gardner the town at the North Gate of Yellowstone. This is a subtle hint or if not he is just telling us about his dream for no reason and it is completely out of context to anything in his book. The Gardener gate is the only way in or out of the Park that is open 24/7 every day of the year. From the gate it is not far but to far to walk to the home of Brown. The Silver gate is closer to Brown’s home but it is closed the most days of all the gates because of the snow in the canyon.


    2. Becky I read your statements on Dal’s blog. Good for you. Please come back and read my latest. I am looking for the same thing, is it gone or not. I feel I am up against something bigger than myself. I am not a blogger but this seems to be the best way to push the issue. I am 64 retire counselor and teacher and I have told everything straight up. Except I did let others assume that I could have been first on the scene. It was a poke play to get interest so I could get the word out. I told the truth. It is like this you solve the crossword and then you go to the back of the book to find out if you were right. Then its not talking there are no answers and your made out to be a bad guy for wanting to know. I felt I had to push to get an answer so I came in confideent and making big claims. True claims. No one in the know is talking just like you I say whats up? Thanks and good luck with the chase.


    1. Mike O, thanks for the comment. No omega but I expected omegas. There was a comment about blazes where Fenn is standing with a blaze of cottonwoods behind him. Blazes carved on the trees like the long legged frog and FF could have been misleading could be Fenn having fun with the the many meanings of blazes. I think omega is the end and alfa the starting. Two omegas could be the end of the end or the end of the book and his own ending. There in YNP I saw nothing on the trees except areas where the bark was scared by antlers or bear claws. UU on anything would have been as is said in YNP a “photo opportunity.”


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